Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads For Midfield, Attack and Defense

Many beginners fall in the common mistake of choosing the wrong shoulder pads in Men’s lacrosse.

This is due to the misconception that some people have that all shoulder pads are the same and you just pick a size that fits you and that’s it. Unfortunately, that’s often a bad way to choose your lacrosse pads.

There are many factors that you need to consider before making the final decision.

This guide will help you learn what are those factors as well as show you the best lacrosse shoulder pads for every position: defense, midfield and attack. Moreover, you’ll find my recommendations for best youth lacrosse shoulder pads as well.

Let’s get started then.

Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Brand
Maverik Rome RX3
Best For Attackers
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Brine King V

Best For Middies
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STX Cell 3

Best For Defense
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Warrior Rabil NXT

Best For Youth
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Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads For Attacking Players

1. Maverik Men's Rome RX3: Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pad For Attack

This cool-looking Maverik lax shoulder pad features PORON XRD foam technology which is soft to the touch, but then it hardens upon impact thus providing maximum protection to the sternum and clavicle. Another advantage of this pad is that it can be customized according to the season and game situation so that players get to choose how much protection they need.

This is made possible by some removable components such as the bicep guards, the shoulder caps, the chest panels and the back panels. Another component that allows for customization of this shoulder pad is the COMFORTFIT arch which allows for a personalized fit suitable for every player.

The ANAFORM chest and spine plates manage impact forces from slashes, checks, and cross checks while allowing the player to enjoy a maximum range of motion; and the 37.5TM liner allows for fast evaporation of sweat thus keeping the player comfortably cool throughout the game.

All in all, these shoulder pads are the best in the market for attackers. So, It’s been always my first recommendation.


2. Epoch Integra Lax Shoulder Pads For Men

The Epoch Integra lax shoulder pads are designed with compression molded dual-density foam, and this reduces the amount of stitching needed on the shoulder pad so that they have minimal bulk while still providing sufficient and effective protection. As a result, the shoulder pad gets to be more precise in shape which results in an overall cleaner and more precise look.

Also, this construction allows players to experience improved flexibility, movement, and protection. The removable bicep pads are made from carbon fiber and the large Velcro islands provide ample room for adjustment so that players can get a perfect fit from the shoulder pads.

For optimal moisture control and thermal comfort, this shoulder pad incorporates performance textile innovation with superior heat absorption, storage and heat release properties. This way, the shoulder pad gives optimum performance in all weather conditions, without compromising the players’ comfort.

One final impressive feature that makes the Epoch Integra one of the safest pads in the market is the front-located quick release straps for easy AED (Automated External Defibrillator) access.


3. STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Shoulder For Attacking

This shoulder pad features STX’s patent-pending Geo-Flex Technology designed to provide flexible and lightweight impact resistance. This is done by dispersing energy evenly after impact while remaining flexible to remain to protect the player in case of another immediate impact.

Another advantage of the Geo-Flex technology is that it works with the player’s body and this gives the player improved performance when on the field. Another handy feature is the exclusive cardiac silhouette coverage together with a raised dual-density chest plate which allows the shoulder pad to sit naturally on the players’ shoulders so that it gives a nice relaxed feel without negatively impacting on the player’s playing performance.

The player’s performance is also enhanced by the 7-point stretch zone system on these shoulder pads which offers a full range of mobility. A good shoulder pad should offer protection and comfort, and the sweat-wicking liner on this pad guarantees thermal comfort for the players in all weather conditions.


Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads For Midfield Players (Middies)

1. Brine King V: Best Midfield Shoulder Pads

With this shoulder pad, Brine uses Aeroshield foam which is extremely lightweight but at the same time, offers superior protection from slashes and other impacts. The Arch Tech shoulder area also offers added protection and the skylight sternum and spine inserts additionally give improved impact absorption.

This shoulder pad has anatomical silhouette construction which gives a nice fit and feels over the collarbone and depending on the game style; players may opt to take off the arm pads for increased playing flexibility and a lighter protection pad.

This lax shoulder pad might be a bit pricey, but considering the amazing fit and protection offered, it is well worth the investment for elite lacrosse players who are serious about the game. For comfort, this pad comes with fresh ventilator liner which keeps the player comfortably dry, and this liner also works to kill any odors for an overall fresh feel ever after a game.


2. STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Large For Middies

Middies do not really require much protection on the field, and so they can easily get away with wearing any type of lax shoulder pad they want. However, protection is still important, and this lightweight STX lacrosse Cell 3 shoulder pad, would be a perfect choice.

For starters, this pad features a 7-point stretch zone system which offers full range mobility allowing the players to move flexibly when on the field. Flexibility is further enhanced by the patent-pending Geo-Flex technology used on this pad, and this feature gives lightweight impact resistance so that players can enjoy the relaxed protection that does not weigh down on their performance.

The Geo-Flex technology also comes in handy in dispersing energy evenly after impact and so the player does not experience pressure or injuries at any particular point of impact. Lastly, the cardiac silhouette coverage coming with a raised dual-density chest plate allows the shoulder pad to sit naturally on the player’s frame, further resulting in a relaxed fit and feel.


Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads For Men’s Defensive Players

1. STX Lacrosse Cell 3 For Defensive Players

These lacrosse shoulder pads feature pre-formed shoulder caps which are designed to provide a very comfortable anatomical fit for most body types. Additionally, another thing that makes these pads perfect for defense players is the fact that they come with removable arm pieces not just for a lower protection level but also for an ultimately lighter shoulder pad that allows flexibility of movement.

The Geo-Flex Technology used on this pad results in a softer exoskeleton which further adds to the comfort of this shoulder pad while still offering maximum protection from all kind of impacts while on the field.

Using the 7-point stretch zone system, hinged on this shoulder pad are put in all the right spots thus offering a full range of mobility for enhanced player’s performance. The rib straps on this shoulder pad have slim padding which gives some protection but without any bulk.


2. Maverik Lacrosse M3 Speed Shoulder Pad

The Maverik M3 Speed shoulder pad is designed to offer a very high level of protection but without sacrificing the player’s comfort and mobility. To begin with, this pad features a 37.5TM mesh liner which allows for quicker evaporation of sweat and dissipation of heat so that the player enjoys thermal comfort with good moisture control.

This 37.5 technology gives the player the freedom of choosing what to wear underneath the shoulder pad, without having to worry much about getting too warm or sweating excessively. Featuring DuraStretch technology, this shoulder pad has wide straps which wrap perfectly around the body, and this allows the shoulder pad to bend with the body hence offering great airflow.

Additionally, the straps do not dangle, and so players can put this shoulder pad on all by themselves. Also aiding in giving this shoulder pad a customized fit is an adjustable collar bone protection and the adjustable COMFORTFIT arch.


Best Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pads In 2018

1. Warrior Youth Rabil NXT Shoulder Pad

The Warrior Rabil NXT shoulder pad is another perfect pad for entry-level players. Featuring the HITMAN SHOULDER SYSTEM, this pad ensures maximum shoulder protection through the floating shoulder pads that expand and collapse as the player moves.

This configuration ensures maximum protection, but at the same time, it allows the player to experience flexibility along with a wide range of mobility. On top of that, these pads have integrated rib protection and an external sternum plate for added protection which can be very important for entry-level players who are just learning the basics of the game.

Bottom line, this is by far the most complete shoulder pad that was designed especially for kids and lacrosse youth players. The price is reasonable as well for you guys with tight budgets. So, what can I say? this is the best it gets when it comes to youth shoulder pads.


2. Brine Youth Uprising II Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

The Brine Youth Uprising II lax shoulder pad is lightweight and inexpensive, and this makes it ideal for entry-level players who want a perfect combination of the perfect fit, performance, and protection. Featuring shoulder pads, arm pads, and rib pads, this shoulder pad features multiple breaks in key areas, and this is important in that it allows the shoulder pad to give an improved fit combined with superior functionality.

This youth shoulder pad also features dual-density foam with an internal cap system which increases the impact absorption and provides enhanced comfort for the player. The adjustable dual arm straps which have full-length sleeves create a comfortable fit which all new players can appreciate because this allows them to play well without being weighed down by an uncomfortable shoulder pad.

Lastly, the perforated nylon liner gives airy comfort for great moisture control during sweating and thermal comfort whereby excess heat is dissipated for a comfortable cool and dry feel.


3. STX Stallion 50 Shoulder Pad For Youth Players

Another perfect shoulder pad for entry-level players, this gear gives a great coverage area, therefore, offering maximum protection for the players’ shoulders and chest. The elastic straps have Velcro closures which can be adjusted for a better fit, and this guarantees that the shoulder pad will fit a wide range of players’ body types and sizes.

In case several players on the team have the same shoulder pad, you will be glad to know that these STX Stallion pads come with a name tag on the inside and this ensures that players can easily identify their shoulder pads. Additionally, this shoulder pad comes with integrated reversible pinnie holder, and this ensures that the pad does not fall off your shoulders while playing.

Catering to a wide variety of players, the STX Stallion 50 pad is available in sizes large, medium, small and X-small. This sturdy pad offers ample protection for young lax players, and so parents do not have to worry about their young ones suffering injuries during a game.


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