Best Attack and Middie Lacrosse Heads In 2021

Choosing the best attack and middie lacrosse heads can be difficult for both beginner and seasoned players.

With the wide range of shaft and head combinations, you can find it difficult to make the right choice of a lacrosse head.

The good news is that we have outlined the best attack and middle lacrosse heads for you.

We have also included a buying guide that has all the information you need to make the right choice of a lacrosse head.

Read on to make a wise buying decision.

Best Attack and Middie Lacrosse Heads Reviews

After spending over 24 hours researching on the best attack and minefield lacrosse heads, we were able to create this list.

Here are the top seven lacrosse heads that can be used by attack and middies.

1. Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse Sticks

If you would like to reconnect with this fun sport, you will need a good lacrosse head.

One of the options that you should consider is the Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse stick.

The lacrosse head for attackers and middies comes with a design that enhances the pocket tension.

As a result, it improves improving the ball release.

It has a Sym-rail that removes any excess weight and offers more stiffness.

It also has a bottom rail design that offers faster release and better ball control.

This is a great head with no defects. It is sturdily-made and will still look new for many months after purchase.

It can last for more than three seasons. The rigid frame ensures more solid checks.

Overall, this is a great lacrosse head that is worth the money.

  • Enhanced ball control
  • Improved throwing accuracy
  • Fast release
  • Enhanced stiffness
  • Excess weight is eliminated
  • durable
  • Has no high school version


2. East Coast Dyes - Rebel Offense Unstrung Lacrosse Head

If you need a lacrosse head that offers a better scoop while inhaling the ground balls, you should go for the East Coast Dyes.

This headpiece stacks well as compared to other options. The head is durable and will last for several seasons.

It is fairly easy to string up the head as it comes with 6 top strings, 4 bottom string holes, and 18 sidewalks.

For your attacker position, remember to choose the offensive Rebel version.

It has a head that is 3.125 inches wide, making it easier for players to make tougher and easier catches while on the field.

The scoop has a U shape.

You will rarely have to lose the ball as the head is very wide. The head is made of rigid plastic, ensuring that it doesn’t wrap easily.

Overall, you will like the performance of this lacrosse head.

  • Makes it easy to scoop groundball
  • Great performance
  • Can be strung to meet your need
  • The hard plastic breaks easily


3. STX Lacrosse Ultra Power Unstrung Men's Attack Head

If you are searching for a lacrosse head that will allow you to play like a professional, you should consider the STX Lacrosse Ultra Power Unstrung Men’s Attack Head.

This lacrosse head comes with a patented Power Ramp Geometry that ensures better shot speed consistently.

The lacrosse head uses EnduraForm technology.

This technology improves its toughness in different temperature settings.

To enable you to control the pocket shape better, it stringing system comes with Channel Lock.

The Lacrosse head has a deep offset that ensures unmatched ball retention. The attacker’s headset meets the MFHS and NCAA specifications.

  • Designed to enable fast scooping
  • Improves shot speed
  • Durable
  • Comes with a warranty period of 45 days
  • Cases of the lacrosse head breaking have been reported


4. Warrior Rabil Unstrung Lacrosse Head

The Warrior Rabil Unstrung Lacrosse Head is a great headpiece that comes with a great pinch and numerous stringing options.

It is a perfect choice for middies and attackers. It is available in different color options.

While the headpiece comes with a great design that adds power, it doesn’t last long as compared to the other heads listed here.

When played in higher levels such as high school, it will wear down fast.

It is, therefore, a good choice for younger or newer players as it can help them improve their games.

It is extremely easy to string the lacrosse head, and this makes it more appealing to new players.

The lacrosse head is quite stiff. It comes with Maximum Truoffset design and a wider sidewall transition that creates a great pocket release.

This ensures that your shot has more velocity.

The Warrior Rabil Unstrung Lacrosse Head was designed by  Paul Rabil, an MLL superstar whose goal was to create the perfect shooting weapon.

The action you get from the headpiece and its price makes it a good value for money.

  • Easy to string
  • Offers more velocity on shots
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Affordable
  • Not durable


5. East Coast Dyes Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse Head

If you need a versatile head that offers enough flex, you should consider the East Coast Dyes Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse Head.

Since the head is unstrung, you will also need to order the strings and mesh.

The head is also quite durable and will take you through the whole season. The string holes, angles, and curves have been built to create the perfect pocket.

This makes the lacrosse head to be a great choice for professional offensive players.

This headpiece is a premium product that can take all the strain in intense games. The Mirage is neither too flat nor too contoured.

The head is suitable for low or mid pockets, offering you maximum control over the ball. It also allows for some fast and snappy passes.

The head is lightweight, weighing a mere 4.7 ounces. It comes with reinforced sidewalls to make it sturdy and durable.

The many sidewall holes make it easy to string. The head is lightweight. It attaches easily to a stick.

  • Wide face shape
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to string
  • Easily scoops ground balls
  • Sturdy
  • Not very stiff
  • Price is on the higher side


6. String King Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick with Head & Shaft (Assorted Colors)

The String King Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick with Head & Shaft is another well made lacrosse head that is also easy to use.

It is a great choice for kids as it can undergo the misuse and abuse that children put lacrosse heads through.

The lacrosse head can be used to fling a wide range of items such as rocks and walnuts.

Not only is it well-strung but it is also quite durable.

All the components of the head are well designed to provide the perfect balance of performance, durability, and weight.

You don’t need to make any replacements and adjustments to start using it. The head makes it easier to throw and catch.

Overall, this is a great buy for the price.

  • Sturdy
  • Game ready
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Fair price
  • A bit expensive


7. ECD Lacrosse Elite Setup - Mirage White - Hero Mesh SS White - CF5 30

If you are searching for a lacrosse head that is made in the U.S.A, you should consider the ECD Lacrosse Elite Setup – Mirage White – Hero Mesh SS White – CF5 30″ White.

This head comes while game-ready. It offers a great hold and easy pocket.

If you are searching for a lacrosse head that offers good value for money, this is just but the right option.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • USA-made
  • Flimsily-made


How To Choose A Midfielder/Attacker Lacrosse Head

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a lacrosse head. These include:

Head Shape

The head shape you choose will depend on the position you play and your level of skills.

If you are a beginner, you should choose a wide head as it helps with interceptions and easy channeling of the ball.

As your abilities improve, you will need a more precise head shape to ensure optimal control and accuracy.

A narrow head is a good choice for attack players.  A flat scoop is a good choice for improving the scooping up of ground balls.

There are asymmetrical heads which are a great choice for middies taking the faceoff.

Mesh Type

The lacrosse head is usually sold without a net. This means you will need to string it yourself.

You will also need to consider the type of mesh.  Today, we have fibers that are weather resistant ensuring that you can play consistently no matter the weather.

Depending on your individual need, you can choose between a soft and a hard mesh. A soft mesh is easy to string and you don’t need any break-in time.

It also offers an enhanced ball feel. However, with time, it tends to lose shape. The mesh can also get filled with water during the wet weather.

A soft mesh usually rattles less and is more durable. The pocket shape is also quite consistent.

However, it is harder to string and needs break-in time. It also offers less ball feel.

Strung Vs. Unstrung Head

If you know how to string a lax stick, you can choose an unstrung head. These heads are usually cheaper and you can string it in your preferred way.

Strung heads are usually made in factories, meaning that all pockets are similar. Such heads aren’t bad as they are strung to be average in catching and passing.

However, attackers might prefer some more hold and whip and may be better off stringing their heads.

Small, Lighter and Narrow

The best lacrosse head for an attack or middie should be small, lighter and narrow. These help to provide power shots at a high speed.

It should be slightly offset to provide the best feeds, shots, and passes in games.

The headpiece should be thinner than those of defenders. The distance between the lip and pocket should be longer while providing excellent control.

Since they are lightweight, they offer better control of the ball, inside the pocket.

Go through the manufacturer’s instruction to determine if the headpiece is arched or pinched.


The weight of the lacrosse head will depend on the material and its weight. The majority of them are usually light.

Take note that even a few ounces can bring a big difference. This can also affect the style of your game. Therefore, choose a headpiece that is suitable for your style and role.


This will mostly depend on your personal preference. However, attacks and middies prefer flexible heads as they offer more control.

On the other hand, stiff headpieces are preferred by defense players.


The color of the lacrosse head is also an important factor to consider. You will want the headpiece to have the same color as the stick.

FAQ About Midfield/Attack Lacrosse Heads

How Do I Become A Better Lacrosse Midfielder?

To become a better lacrosse player, you should have better ball efficiency.

You will need to claim possession during face-offs by finding the ball and scooping it fast.

Do Midfielders Score Goals in Lacrosse?

Midfielders can play over the entire field and can even score goals.

Is Hard or Soft Mesh Better?

This will depend entirely on your personal choice.  You can level up a soft mesh faster than a hard mesh.

It is also beneficial when cradling and catching. The harder mesh is usually more durable. It is also a better choice for making shots and passes faster.

A soft mesh is a good choice for beginners.


When searching for a lacrosse head, you will need to understand why you need one.

You should buy a lacrosse head depending on your style, skills level, position and playing style.

If you are searching for the best lacrosse head for a middie or attack, you can choose one of the above options.

Each of these headpieces has its own unique features. You can also use the buying guide to help you make the right buying decision.

Happy buying!

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