Best Cheap Lacrosse Shafts In 2022

When I was writing the best lacrosse shafts review, I was very conscious of not correlating expensive prices necessarily with high quality. Although there were a few affordable choices, I thought I didn’t do enough justice to a few cheap shafts. 

Therefore, in this post, I want to simply focus on the cheap yet quality lacrosse shafts in 2022 you could consider. In a market where inflated prices are commonplace, I did extensive diligence on my part to make sure these options are actually worthy of consideration. 

A common myth is that a cheap lacrosse shaft isn’t necessarily of great quality. But most of the time what happens is they get moved to the discount/clearance section to move room for newer models.  If you don’t mind getting a slightly older version with no defunct, it’s actually a smart and financially sound move. 

Without further ado, let’s find the best cheap heads for attackmen, middies, defensemen and goalies so that your pocket and your future self can thank you later.

Best Cheap Lacrosse Shafts For Attackmen/Middies




  • Great grip feel
  • Strong and light materials
  • Made in the USA from the most premium 7000 grade material
  • Doesn’t withstand constant checks and abuse very well

A relatively new release in 2019, standard 30’’ Evo Atk is a solid option at a great price. 

As an attackman, you are looking for lightweight and durability. With EVO ATK SHAFT, you get good strength, durability, and a nice grip. Additionally, the WARRIOR shaft allows you to generate needed shooting power and speed. 

Atk shaft is designed with Evo’s signature diamond gripping that adds minimal weight and maximizes hand control so under any weather conditions your performance isn’t negatively impacted. 

This lightweight shaft also makes it ideal for players who want to maintain their balance while playing as it yields the best strength-to-weight ratio of any other Evo shafts across. The best part about this shaft is that it also comes with a 6-month warranty. 

Overall, this is an absolute steal given the quality and fairly positive reviews this shaft has received. Currently, the black colorway has an additional discount whereas the white one doesn’t.


Brine Clutch Friction Shaft

Brine Clutch Friction Shaft

  • Popular affordable option
  • Designed to be light and durable
  • A wide variety of color selections
  • Doesn’t provide warranty so no quality insureance

When it comes to affordability, Brine is on every player’s mind. Brine Clutch is a popular and cheap attack line that came out in 2014. 

Lighter, faster, and stronger than previous versions, this High-Performance SL2 Alloy shaft redefined the blueprint for Brine’s shafts. Its lightweight allows attackers to move quickly and shoot accurately as an attacker. 

Playing with this Brine Lacrosse Stick provides a good hand feel and control thanks to the exclusive sandblasted texture. Due to its comfortable and nice finishes, this shaft always puts you one step ahead of your opponents, definitely a solid lacrosse shaft especially for youngsters that makes you quicker on your feet and play more unpredictably in front of defenders. 

In addition, Brine Clutch offers a good variety of color options if you are looking for more unique color coordination. 

One thing to keep in mind is this shaft doesn’t offer a warranty, which could be seen as a lack of quality control. I will want to do some extra homework to make sure if this product offers a warranty. If not, it’s safe to assume this shaft will not last super long and is probably prone to breaking.  


Epoch iD Vision C30 Shaft

Epoch iD Vision C30 Shaft

  • Suitable for entry-level players
  • Anodized finish used for perfect grip
  • Support attacking and midfielders with balanced shots
  • Softer alloy materials are more likely to break and bend

Probably my favorite affordable shaft, Epoch iD Vision offers many great features and qualities that are ideal for inexperienced laxers at a reasonable price. 

The composite lacrosse attack/midfield shaft, built with an alloy vision material, delivers a lightweight, durable feel designed for great performance. An oil-resistant finish is used on the Epoch lacrosse stick to improve grip, ensuring proper handling in all weather conditions while allowing the shaft to move freely through the hands. 

The concave geometry Vision by Epoch creates a traditional concave profile that is designed for elite attackmen with entry-level players in mind. When being executed with shots and passes, its balanced quality makes it easy for players to develop good and correct shooting motion.

Even though this is a cheaper shaft, it maintains the same level of technology that is applied to Epoch’s more premium and advanced shafts

With Epoch’s growing popularity in lacrosse, the Vision has proven to be a superb first shaft option for young and new players. Although lightweight and durable, the alloy materials aren’t the best at withstanding harsh checks. Since Epoch is known for its great designing, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, I am hoping to see an upgrade on iD Vision while keeping it at the same price.

Best Cheap Lacrosse Shafts For Defenders


WARRIOR Regulator Defense Shaft

WARRIOR Regulator Defense Shaft

  • Affordable defense shaft
  • Lightweight materials
  • Sleek looking design
  • Duarbility can variy greatly depending on the level of game

Are you a defenseman looking for a lightweight yet affordable shaft?

Warrior Regulator gives you everything you need to dominate the field with a carbon fiber construction and an adjustable weight system. As a defensive player, you need the power and control of your shaft to clear and do checks. 

Thankfully, this defense shaft produces less torque for better gripping and has a soft coat tactical grip for better control in all kinds of weather. 

The carbon fiber construction and adjustable weight system provide more strength than the previous models, along with reduced weight. Therefore, it’s lighter but still has good durability. 

Probably the best part of this defense stick is its affordable price, which is definitely rare to come by for a stick with a good quality grip and feel. 

Yet with repeated use and frequent checks, this handle will become worn out quickly. 

Overall, I highly recommend this shaft to beginners and young defenders as a great entry-level defense shaft to learn the ropes of the game and establish good fundamentals.


STX Hammer 7000 Defense Shaft

STX Hammer 7000 Defense Shaft

  • STX quality and durability approved
  • Aluminum cover withstands the toughest play
  • Affordable cost for great defense
  • Heavier than STX’s and other popular defense shafts

It took STX a while to release an affordable defense shaft, and finally it’s here. Similar to all its elite shafts, STX Hammer 7000 Defense shaft allows you to enjoy the same quality of defense STX stands behind.

It is made of titanium and aerospace 7000 series heavy-duty aluminum to withstand even the toughest play. With the classic octagonal shape, it feels great in your hands, giving you better control. With a mild sandblasted finish at the main grip points, this long pole is easier to handle without being too heavy.

Designed with input from professional players, it represents durability and performance. 

Due to the strong and heavy materials, the shaft carries more weight than most shafts on the market. So depends on your preference, STX Hammer 7000 could be a great entry point purchase into the defense shaft market. 

Overall, I definitely think STX did a great job here by bringing down the price point that lets more players to try out their products.

Best Cheap Lacrosse Shafts For Goalies


STX Lacrosse Outlet Goalie Shaft

STX Lacrosse Outlet Goalie Shaft

  • Platinum handle gives strength and durability
  • Ergonomic gripping profile
  • Affordable price
  • It only has one 34” option that might not be suitable for more advanced golies

If you read my goalie shaft and head reviews, you know STX is a brand you can’t go wrong with. And it turns out STX can make cheap and affordable products! 

With its durable design and comfortable grip, the STX Lacrosse Handle is great for goalies of all levels. Platinum-level product designed to provide a combination of stiffness and flexibility. You can easily grasp and control the ball with this goalie handle since it has an easy-to-grip design. In addition, it is durable enough to withstand intense gameplay.

The ergonomic profile prevents twisting of the handle. Furthermore, the textured grip zones provide an additional control layer without adding extra weight to the stick. This high-quality shaft is 34 inches long, a length preferred by some goalies. However, if you are looking for a longer shaft, STX Outlet isn’t probably the best option. 

It only comes with a 60-day warranty but overall, I do think STX Outlet is the best budget option for goalies today.


WARRIOR Alloy 6000 Goalie Shaft

WARRIOR Alloy 6000 Goalie Shaft

  • Super lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly option
  • Smooth gripping finish for easier handling
  • Softer alloy materials that are more prone to breaking and bending

A6 6000 is the cheapest goalie shaft offered by Warrior. What stood out to me immediately about these shafts is the big font design across the handle. Apart from that, the Straight Edge dye shape prevents the shaft from rotating, which is helpful when you are being checked.

This is a perfectly balanced and lightweight shaft. Giving new goalies a super affordable option,  it has an advanced taper design that distributes material throughout the shaft to improve balance and strength where needed.

The quality grip of the Warrior stick allows it to save even the most difficult shots. 

Its downside is also apparent. Because it’s using a softer metal compared to STX, which explains the very cheap price, it’s more vulnerable to breaking and bending. A few customers also have mentioned similar things about this shaft. 

This shaft is suitable for training and demo purposes and for young goalies to practice with outside of a real game.

Things to consider before buying a cheap lacrosse shaft

Before you get all excited about the prices, here are a few things to consider first to determine if a cheap lacrosse shaft is a fit for you.

If you are just starting out and aren’t fully committed to the sport yet, buying a cheap lacrosse shaft is probably for the best. Without giving yourself too much pressure by buying nice and high quality gear, you can 100% enjoy the initial stage of trying out lacrosse and getting a feel for it. 

Cheap Lacrosse Shafts

More importantly, youth league before high school doesn’t have the intensity or physical competitiveness you see at a high school or above. A cheaper and less durable shaft is good enough to get the job done. 

Furthermore, because the designs of the cheaper shafts are very geared toward young and beginner players, it’s actually easier and more beneficial to start off with a cheap shaft to form your style before leveling up to a higher quality and more expensive shaft.

The group I highly recommend against buying a cheap lacrosse shaft is the intermediate players and above. And here are several reasons as to why:


Cheaper shafts are typically made of less durable materials. Probably not a surprise. If you check the best lacrosse shafts, they are either made of carbon fiber or titanium/scandium alloy. Whereas, cheap shafts are most often made out of alloy that is softer and more prone to breaking

As a more advanced laxer, the level of competition and intensity requires a higher level of durability of the shaft. It will definitely be very annoying and frustrating to have shafts bent or broken once every other game


Durability goes hand in hand with weight. Although it might be counterintuitive, a cheaper shaft is usually heavier than a pricer one. Since lacrosse players put so much emphasis on picking the best lightweight shafts, it’s not hard to see why a cheap but heavy shaft could weigh you down

cheap lacrosse shafts

Lack of reviews

Due to a lack of customer reviews, while I was doing research on all the cheap options, I found it hard to gauge how players actually think about most of the products. I either had to go into the store to test them out or scour the internet to find as much info as possible. As an advanced player, you want to read as many reviews as possible from players to determine if it will be a good purchase or not, particularly based on your preference

Without too many details to work with, it’s like rolling the dices not knowing if it could be a great product for you or not


With all that being said, I wish this guide gives you the helpful information you need to either find the best cheap lacrosse shaft or see if a cheap lacrosse shaft is the best thing for you. There is no right or wrong to buying a cheap shaft. The most important thing is to combine your current situation with the best equipment to take you to the next level. 

As always, love to see comments and hear feedback from you. Let me know which one you end up buying. See you in the next post!

Also don’t forget to check out the best lacrosse shafts in 2022.

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