Best Lacrosse Bags and Backpacks For Men and Women

If you play lacrosse regularly, you know the unpleasant feeling of having to carry all the lacrosse equipment in your hands or a small duffle bag. It causes a big head that is annoying and inconvenient. 

In fact, you are not alone in this. Many players have faced the same problem then finally brands started making lacrosse bags and backpacks for players that allow them to travel easily. 

In this guide, I will show you different lacrosse bags and backpacks for men and women players that fit your need for space and style. It was great to see how many great options that are specifically designed for lacrosse equipment are now available on the market.

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Best Lacrosse Bags For Men and Women In 2022

When making the lists for best lacrosse bags and backpacks, I took notice of a few things including the size for storage, materials, price and ventilation.


STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Equipment Bag

Type: Bag (36” x 12” x 11”)Colors: Black
Release date: 2013Ratings:
Size: High schoolers⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Long-distance game travel with heavy lacrosse equipment is now made simple with STX Challenger. The 36” bag can carry multiple lacrosse sticks for attackers, middies, defenders and goalies. In addition, it holds all your lacrosse uniforms, supplies, accessories, and gadgets.

A 36’’ long x 12’’ wide x 11’’ deep, this lacrosse bag has one big compartment that provides sufficient storage space to also carry personal supplies like water bottles, towels, jerseys, etc. A safe twin zipper system can be used to lock the main cabinet. Side pouches with zippers can hold the sweat napkin, tissues, emergency medical supplies and first aid kits for quick access.

STX products are made to a high standard. Construction of the medium denier fabric makes the bag strong, flexible, and free from warping and breaking. If you plan to use this big for a long time, it has strong seams to make sure it will hold up for multiple seasons. 

Overall 36’’ STX Challenger is a great option for high school players.


Warrior Black Hole Lacrosse Bag

Type: Bag (21” x 14” x 3”)Colors: Maroon
Release date: 2016Ratings:
Size: High schoolers⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Warrior Black Hole T1 is sufficiently spacious, yet conveniently compact. It has single compartment construction with twin external straps for a single Lacrosse stick. It can fit any length of stick from the attacker to the goalie. The side straps fit on from the bag sides and extend through the base onto the other side of the bag.

The main extendable strap connects to the two ends along the length of the bag. Strong and resilient strap material with screw attached steel locking to the ends makes it flexible and firm. Strap handles at the center are spacious enough to carry on your shoulders with maximum comfort.

The two side straps have high quality Velcro to lock into each other. It provides additional strength and stability. If you also want to add a touch of personality to your gear, this maroon and durable bag will be your perfect choice.


Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag

Type: Bag (16” x 14.5” x 2”)Colors: Red
Release date: 2012Ratings:
Size: Youth⭐⭐⭐⭐

Maverik Monster Bag is an all-in-one bag to fit your equipment with extended space for sticks, accessories, supplies, emergency first aid medical kits, and essentials. You can carry it comfortably before and after games. Additionally, it’s a great travel bag to use as well. 

Design is highly flexible and construction makes it strong by four times that of a standard lacrosse bag. It has a strong base that stays firmly without buckling when loaded with heavy-weight equipment. Base density and fabric denier make the bag highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The material can endure varying climatic conditions without warping, tearing, and shredding. The fabric is also water and heatproof to keep your gear protected from moisture and hot conditions. Great quality zippers have a twin slider with an option to insert a lock makes it doubly safe and secure.


Martin Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Bag

Type: Bag (14” x 12” x 8”)Colors: Orange
Release date: 2015Ratings:
Size: Youth/Adult⭐⭐⭐⭐

Martin is a long and wide lacrosse bag to carry every type of accessory, utility, first aid kit, supply and essential needed for your young player. It’s hard for young players to keep track of all equipment, Martin Sports perfectly solves this problem. It works well for multiple seasons without obvious signs of warping, shredding or tearing. It can carry multiple lacrosse sticks of different types.

What I like about this bag is it’s suitable for a wide range of customers from youth players to professional players due to its great design and large size.

Overall, Martin is a bag of first preference by parents for their middle and high school players. Before they leave for school, simply put all their gear into this one bag and you are ready to go.  These bags are also made easy for short travel. However, customers pointed out they aren’t suitable for air travel as they are prone to get torn near the end of the bag. 

Best Lacrosse Backpacks Reviews In 2022

Now we have gone over the best lacrosse bags; it’s time to move on to lacrosse backpacks, another popular type of lacrosse bag. Just like a normal backpack, a lacrosse backpack is no different.


Harrow Elite Lacrosse Backpack

Type: Backpack (12” x 11” x 8”)Colors: Carolina/Grey
Release date: 2013Ratings:
Size: Youth/High School⭐⭐⭐⭐

Strength, stability, space, sophistication, and a serene design are the salient features of Harrow Elite lacrosse backpack. This backpack features a carolina/grey color combination.

You can use the 3 large compartments to carry your lacrosse uniforms, jerseys, accessories, and supplies easily.

Fabric denier is the measurement of density, load carrying capacity, resistance to abrasion, and weather elements. It will also contribute to fabric weight and stability. At 600Denier, the Harrow Elite has the most optimum value for all the parameters with one dedicated stick holder each on the bag sides.

Strap construction makes portability simple and sophisticated. The construction of the bag at the rear end ensures comfort and relief from stress on the lower back. You can carry the bag over long distances with no signs of lower back pain.


STX Sidewinder Lacrosse Backpack

Type: Backpack (19” x 14” x 9”)Colors: Black
Release date: 2013Ratings:
Size: Youth/High School⭐⭐⭐⭐

Comfortable carrying, voluminous space, strong base, and shred-free construction are the key benefits you get from STX Sidewinder. The bag has side straps to provide top to bottom support and a holding grip for every type of Lacrosse stick.

The 19.25″L x 14″W x 9″D dimension with twin large compartments has enough space for all your lacrosse uniforms, outfits, and safety wear. You can also carry all your essential things from water and juice bottles to napkins and towels.

STX Sidewinder is constructed from heavy-duty fabric with high tensile strength, load capacity, resilience, and resistance to elements.

It can last for years with no signs of breaking or collapsing under pressure. Soft cushion within the strap interiors makes it less hard to carry the bag over distances and extended durations of travel.


ERANT Lacrosse Backpack

Type: Backpack (19” x 14” x 2”)Colors: Black
Release date: 2020Ratings:
Size: Youth⭐⭐⭐⭐

This great and durable backpack is specifically designed for lacrosse. It comes with two lacrosse stick holders, two helmet strap holders and an additional compartment for miscellaneous equipment. 

This backpack is great for both young players and adult players. The only factor you need to consider is the cleat compartment that can only fit cleats in size 12 or under. So if you have a bigger shoe size, this backpack is not able to fit your cleats. 

Made of durable polyester and quality zippers, this backpack is built to withstand wear and tear. Also don’t need to worry if this backpack will hurt your child’s back as it’s super lightweight that eases stress on their back. 

Overall, with a dimension of 14’’ x 10’’ x 19.5’’, this ERANT Backpack is a compact and purposeful lacrosse bag that will let your child receive compliments from his/her teammates!

Best Lacrosse Stick Bags For Women

Stick bags are perfect for young girls who have one or two sticks and goggles to carry around. Ver convenient and lightweight option to consider!


STX Essential Lacrosse Stick Bag

Type: Backpack (16” x 9” x 2”)Colors: Purple/Pink
Release date: 2012Ratings:
Size: Youth/High School⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sleek and smart is the other name for STX essential women’s stick bag. It can comfortably hold one to three women’s lacrosse sticks of any size except goalie sticks. It is made of lightweight and internally soft material that is externally tough and firm.

There is an external small pouch with zippers to hold essentials like the compact sprain spray and first aid kit. The single strap is long enough to fit onto your left or right shoulder. There is also a hook at the head to easily hang the bag in your locker or simply over the nail on the wall.

STX comes in two colors, black and pink, which are highly professional in design and firm in construction. If you are looking for a simple and easy to carry specific stick bag, STX Essential is an awesome choice for your daughter!


Brine Women’s Lacrosse Stick Bag

Type: Backpack (16” x 10” x 3”)Colors: Lime
Release date: 2014Ratings:
Size: Youth/High School⭐⭐⭐⭐

This 44’’ long lacrosse stick bag has a sufficient dimension of length, width, and depth that makes it easy to carry multiple sizes and numbers of lacrosse sticks. In addition, it has an inner mesh pocket for goggles.

The bag is also resistant to water, heat, and humidity. It’s a perfect bag to carry around for practice, games and travel.

The extendable strap folds into two layers to give you added support with its width. You will also feel the comfort of carrying your lacrosse sticks wherever you go.

The fabric denier makes Brine lightweight, strong and flexible. Exterior finishing makes it resistant to scratches, abrasions and pressure impact. And it has great durability that could last your daughter for multiple seasons.

Best Lacrosse Stick Bags For Men

Although men lacrosse players tend to use lacrosse bags or backpacks to fit and carry all the different equipment, you can opt for a light and convenient stick bag for a quick morning practice.


Athletico Lacrosse Stick Bag

Type: Stick Bag (17” x 9” x 2”)Colors: Black
Release date: 2019Ratings:
Size: Youth/High School⭐⭐⭐⭐

This spacious lacrosse stick bag can fit any sticks under 46’’ which makes Athletico Lacrosse one of the best men’s Lacrosse sticks bag. It can easily fit two lacrosse sticks.

The bag has two external pockets on both sides to conveniently store goggles, balls and any additional personal items. When you want to go for a quick and intense practice, these large pouches are the best feature of Athletico which accommodate your water bottle, medical kit, sprain sprays, and other essentials.

Whether you use the bag for your training and matches, an extendable strap is wearable across your chest with the bag onto your back. And you can easily adjust it to your comfort.

Made of tear-resistant, durable 6000D polyester fabric, this Athletico lacrosse stick is highly durable given its great capacity.


A&R Sports MLL Stick Bag

Type: Stick Bag (23” x 10” x 2”)Colors: Black
Release date: 2016Ratings:
Size: Youth/Adult⭐⭐⭐⭐

This simple and low profile looking stick bag can easily hold up to two lacrosse sticks. It’s also specifically made for MLL pro lacrosse players. 

It can also accommodate minimum accessories like lacrosse balls, extra lacrosse mesh etc. With the easily accessible top opening, you can quickly place and retrieve the sticks from the bag.

High density and lightweight fabric are resistant to water, heat and humid conditions. The exterior finishing of the bag fabric is tough while the interior finishing is soft and resilient.

The shoulder strap is extendable to make it nicely wrap around your chest to make carrying easy and comfortable. Overall this is a great and affordable stick bag that meets your basic storage need for practice.

Should You Choose a Lacrosse Bag Or a Backpack

After reading through all the products, the question then becomes should you choose a lacrosse bag or a backpack. To help you make the decision, I will go over the pros and cons of each type. 

A lacrosse bag is generally a great option for more advanced and elite players who need dedicated storage space for all equipment and gear. Generally, the lacrosse bag provides more space for additional items you need for practices and games. An additional feature I really like is that it’s easier to find small items I need in a lacrosse bag. 

In contrast, a lacrosse backpack is more compact. If you want a more affordable option, a lacrosse backpack is better, especially for students at school. They can use the backpack for school and lacrosse practices. Which also means it has less space for additional gear and equipment storage. 

Hence, depending on your preference and the amount of gear you have, both types of bags work great.


I hope this buying guide provides you with the information you need to buy the best lacrosse bag for your practice and game. As always, drop me a comment if you have any questions.

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