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Best Lacrosse Faceoff Heads Reviews In 2021

The Face-off moment is critical to any game in lacrosse. Thus coaches urge their players to try their best to win every face-off possible in order to be ahead of the opponent’s team.

To be able to increase your chances in winning a face-off, you’ll need to have a lax head designed especially for this particular task. And finding that exact head isn’t an easy thing to do.

So, I decided to make this guide.

Here you’ll find the best lacrosse faceoff heads in the market that were designed to help you win every time.

This table is a summary of this entire guide in case you didn’t have time to read all the reviews.

Cheaper Alternative
Brine Dictator ST Lacrosse Unstrung Head
Model & Brand
Brine Dictator ST
Average Rating
N° Reviews
10 Reviews
Cheaper Alternative
Brine Dictator ST Lacrosse Unstrung Head
Model & Brand
Brine Dictator ST
Average Rating
N° Reviews
10 Reviews

Best Lacrosse Faceoff Heads In 2021

1. STX Lacrosse Duel U: Best Lacrosse Face-off Head In The Planet

Ability to push the lacrosse head towards your opponent and avoid reverse attacking pressure is the most prominent feature of STX Duel U.  It is made possible due to the highly stiff and strong throat, sidewall and scoop.

The scoop design allows you to pick up the ball off the ground, while you are still pushing the opponent’s lacrosse head away from its line.

STX Lacrosse Duel U

It is dual benefit of using STX Duel U. Lightweight construction allows you to move the head away from the line of attack and retain the ball possession for an extended time.

Tensile strength and stability of head are the key factors that prevent it from bending backward and breaking. STX Duel U is built to withstand the combined pressure of opponent’s lacrosse head and the dynamic force exerted from aggressive action.

The shaft binding screw is flat at the center and curved at the edges. This design provides extra stability to the head and better control for you to make dynamic moves within a short time. Fast passing of ball to your teammates becomes simple.

Screw density is high enough to keep the binding between STX Duel U lacrosse head and the shaft. It can absorb vibrations and shocks emanating from the ground contact and friction. STX Duel U lacrosse head is designed to extend the ball control during face-off period.

Bottom line, the STX Duel U is a perfect lacrosse heads for face-offs. Everybody seems to be happy with what this head can do. So, I consider it the first-go-to choice when it comes to face-off domination.


  • Perfectly contoured body for faceoff
  • Maximum ball control with scoop groves
  • Quick access to ground ball with flexible rail design


  • Pinch flexibility is only average

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2. Nike Men's CEO: 2nd Best Choice

Core benefit of working with Nike Men’s CEO is the high tensile strength, stability, resilience and pressure mounting capacity of the neck and mid section on the head.

It allows you to push against the opponent’s attacking lacrosse head. It gives you plenty of opportunities for launching an offensive move to get first clamping chance on the ball.

The screw head is large enough to provide extreme stability to the head and shaft connectivity. It is absolutely free from all forms of shocks and vibrations.

nike men ceo lacrosse faceoff head

No matter how much of pressure you apply from the shaft onto the head, it remains stiff and stable. This factor is highly useful for defending the attack from the opponent’s lacrosse head and shaft.

Wide scoop and the contour shape at the bottom rail help you get instant control of the ground ball and scoop it up to the safe pocket. Deflection of ball away from the attacker and passing onto your teammate can be instant.

Overall, the Nike CEO is an excellent head. It’s true that Nike doesn’t have so much experience in manufacturing lacrosse equipment.

But keep in mind that they’re one of the best sports equipment makers in the world and they know what they’re doing. And I only see positive reviews about this Nike CEO head which certainly means that they did something good with this head.


  • Engineered molding for maximum core strength
  • Stiff neck and mid section construction for pressure endurance
  • Dynamic design for best faceoff


  • No visible cons

3. Brine Dictator ST: Another Great Face-off Head

Core strength and stiffness are the key elements that make Brine Dictator your first choice among Lacrosse Faceoff heads. It gives you a fine edge over your opponent to push hard and clamp the ball before it moves away.

Control over the ball could be tough at faceoff due to clashes between the two lacrosse heads and friction of ground contact. Brine Dictator’s rail is highly sensitive to ball contact with head.

Brine Dictator ST

You can literally feel it on your hands as you grip the shaft and push. It gives you an opportunity to scoop the ball away from your opponent within fraction of a second.

Resistance to pressure is an inbuilt feature of Brine Dictator. It can withstand the push from your opponent’s lacrosse head and stay in its position. From here, you can easily get ball possession and retain it for a long time, until you pass it onto your teammates.

All in all, the Brine Dictator is a good head for face-offs. There’s no doubt about that. It may be not as good as the first heads above, but it’s still a good choice to consider especially since it’s a lot cheaper than the Nike CEO and STX Duel. Recommended for tight budgets.


  • Built with reinforced material
  • Rail designed for instant ball clamping
  • High stiffness value


  • Screw diameter is bit on the lower end

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4. Warrior Noz 2 X Unstrung Lacrosse Stick

The key feature of Warrior Noz 2 X is its sidewall width and stiffness. Tensile strength of the head is very high due to molding density and body’s unique contour.

It can withstand high pressure from the opponent’s lacrosse head and enable you to launch counter attack within a short span of time after the whistle.

Warrior Noz 2 X Unstrung Lacrosse Stick

The dynamic reverse pressure can surprise your opponent and make him to go on defensive. You can use this split fraction of a minute to get the best clamp on the ball.

Sleek bottom rail and intelligently designed scoop help you pick up the ground ball and get maximum control. You will get ample space due to the wide scoop which you can use to tackle the onward push from opponent lacrosse head.

With efficient low pocket placement you can pass the ball onto your teammates before the opponents can even react to your quick ball possession and tackling speed.


  • Absolute ball control with mid pocket
  • Quick ball passing with safe low pocket
  • Tough lacrosse head for pressure endurance during face off


  • No visible cons

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Buying Guide: How To Choose A Lacrosse Head For Faceoff:

Faceoff is the toughest part of lacrosse game in the first and second halves of the game just before full-blown action. It is the time when you cross your lacrosse head with your opponent player and wait for the whistle to go off. Once the whistle is blown, your first battle with your opponent to clamp the ball starts.

In order to increase your chances in winning most of your faceoffs, you’ll need to get yourself a face-off lacrosse head. So, what does that mean anyway?

A faceoff lacrosse head is a regular head that was made with specific characteristics that are designed to help a lacrosse player wins a face-off.

Therefore, there are many elements you need to consider such as:

  • Construction: Lacrosse Face-off head should be made from hard material with plenty of stiffness. Choosing the reinforced model can prevent rupture and breakdown. It should have moderate weight and tapered rain construction. The stiffness should increase from the scoop to the neck.
  • Bottom Rail: Width of bottom rail should be sufficient to scoop the ball after clamping. Remember, the opponent may try and move the ball away from you that could result in an awkward spin and speed. A wide and angled (towards center) can give you an edge to clamp better.
  • Sidewall Brace: The sidewall braces should be strong and stable. It gives you extra ability to handle the ground ball and gain quick control.
  • Head Screws: The connecting screw between the head and shaft should be more than 3/4th of shaft diameter. Preferred screwing position is on the on the throat and into the shaft to a depth of 2” to 3” or more. It can enhance strength and stability and prevent shocks.
  • Flex Zone: The flex zone in the Lacrosse faceoff head should be firm and flexible which helps you beat your opponent’s stick without committing foul.

Conclusion: Which Lacrosse Head Is Really The Best?

To be honest, it’s really difficult to decide a one rule-all-of-them lacrosse head that will enable to be the king of faceoff in your college or league. Things aren’t that simple.

However, there’s a general consensus that the Nike CEO and STX Duel are two of the best heads you can buy and not regret it later. They’re both sturdy, well-designed and specifically designed for lacrosse face-off.

So, if you’re looking to buy the best and only the best, then one of them will certainly do the job.

Otherwise, you can go with the Brine Dictator which provides a good value for a reasonable price that is kind of surprising to be honest.

So, that’s it.

Best Lacrosse Sticks For Beginners

As I always do, I’ll make sure to keep updating this guide to make it as relevant as possible. Count on me on that.

If you happen to have any questions or specific inquiries, do let me know in the comments.

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