Best Lacrosse Goalie Pants For Men In 2021

Finding the right lacrosse goalie pants for you can be a bit challenging at times.

So, we made this guide to help you with your decision.

Below, you will find the best lacrosse goalie pants as per our research that we did.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Pants Reviews

Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Short

Shockskin pants are designed and constructed with the latest high-tech features for the absolute shock protection. It has four large protective pads on the thigh sides.

Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Short

They protect your hip joints, exterior thighs at the upper and lower sections. The scrotum protection pad has a high-density shock absorption pad which wraps around the genitals and the sensual organ.

It can endure the high impact of falling, ball collision, abrasion, and other damaging factors during the game. The most impressive factor of the Shockskin is the integrated cup-locking mechanism with an inbuilt carbon flex cup.

It can absorb all the external shocks and vibrations to keep the sensitive parts of your body injury-free. The waistband of Shockskin is large, firm and flexible.

Soft and skin-friendly inner layer fits onto the hips with the most comfortable level of tightness. Bottom hems over the thighs provide perfect fitment with free movement and rotation.

The overall construction of the Shockskin can boost your agility, speed, and reflex actions considerably. You can play your natural game without the fear of sustaining injuries.

 High tech fabric with fully protective construction
 Stretchable seams to allow agile movements
 Shock absorbing X-fit integrated cup
 Comfortable wear with perfect fitment

 No visible cons


STX Youth Padded Lacrosse Goalie Pant

STX goalie pants look more like a protective shield for the professional motorcycle racers. Perfectly stretchable, breathable, and skin friendly fabric makes wearing comfortable. Protective pads are embedded onto every part to safeguard your thighs, scrotum and the sensitive organ.

STX Youth Padded Lacrosse Goalie Pant

Length of the STX pants stretches from the hips onto the kneecaps. Adjustable threads over the bottom hem can make it fit onto any size thighs with ease and comfort. The flexible synthetic mesh fabric can expand or compress to your specific body size.

Three layered elastic bands at the waist and adjustable hem at the bottom keep the pants perfectly tight and comfortable. Now you can jump, run, and cover the entire goal without worrying about injury risks.

Free airflow through the meshed design keeps your skin free from sweat and germs. You don’t get the feeling of irritation and allergic reactions even when you wear the STX goalie pants all through the day.

The inner seams and the machine stitches along the length and circumference of the STX goalie pants provide a soft and protective inner layer. Now your sensitive organs can stay free from abrasion and injuries even during high-speed action games.

 Perfect fitment for tall, short, fat and lean body
 Absolute all-around protection with embedded pads
 Designed for agility and free body movement
 Adjustable elastic threads at the bottom hem

 Color range limited to black


Brine Ventilator Lacrosse Goalie Pant

The Brine goalie pants have a flexible construction with multiple protection sockets at all the sections of its size. The exterior layer feels to be soft and cushioned. It can absorb the maximum impact shocks and vibrations.

Brine Ventilator Lacrosse Goalie Pant

All the critical joints of the Brine pants are reinforced with protective inner seams and external pads. The multiple layered cushioning designs keep the waist, hips, and thighs comfortable.

The fabric can absorb sweat and moisture to protect your skin from allergens and irritating elements. The bottom hem has extra elastic padding for perfect fitment around the upper thighs.

You can even slide it up or down to match with your thigh size. Enhanced protection over the scrotum protects the sensitive organ from shocks and vibrations.

The frontal design has sufficient space for accommodating protective cups if required. Waistband may look slightly relaxed in design. In fact, it is the flexibility factor which provides the most comfortable fitment.

It is also tight enough to stay over the waist without slipping up or down. The tightness factor allows free circulation and reduces allergic reactions.

 Flexible and skin-friendly fabric
 Comfortable fitment undershorts
 Perfect tightness over the waist and the thighs
 Protection from sweat, heat, and humidity

 Extra pads at the front could have enhanced protection


Warrior Burn Leg Pad

The Warrior Burn Leg Pad creates an instant Impression of a heavyweight lower body armor worn by the soldiers. Your first experience of wearing them makes you feel the all-round protection and lightweight construction.

Warrior Burn Leg Pad

The aerated pads on the exteriors of both thighs are meant to reduce the impact of fall, the ball, and the lacrosse stick. They can also protect you from the direct body collision with opponent players.

Crotch and scrotum protection pad appear distinctly unique in construction. It matches perfectly with the physiological parts of the body parts in that section.

Hence the protective factor increases multiple times. The entire fabric of the Warrior leg pad is protected with an inner cushion layer apart from the padding.

This layer is elastic, yet firm. It allows you to move agilely all over the field without any dragging forces. You can stretch and rotate your thighs freely while bending, running and defending your goal. The waistband is also aerated to allow free air circulation.

It has a high compressible fitment ration which protects your entire middle section of the body from shocks and vibrations.

 All round protective construction
 Extra soft cushioning for shock absorption
 Elastic fitment for all body sizes
 Free movement and agile action

 Could be extra tight for large waists


Lacrosse Goalie Pants Buying Guide

Flexibility, safety, stability, fitment, and comfortable experience are the main parameters you should consider in the lacrosse goalie pants.

Protective pads for shock absorption over the critical sections make it safe.

  • Seams: The internal seams of the pants protect the structural stability and the stretchable features.You should be able to run, bend, jump, and stretch your legs comfortably.
  • Fabric: Synthetic blended fabric is the recommended material for the pants. The machine woven construction will have highly dense constriction with a high stretch ratio. It is resistant to water, heat, humidity, dirt, and allergens. It is hand and machine washable.
  • Construction: Protective foam pads with shockproof layers should be stitched over the exterior thighs, scrotum, pelvis, and the quadriceps. These pads can protect the sensitive parts from external impact due to fall and collisions. The frontal protective layer should have sufficient space for the shielding cup at the scrotum area.
  • Waistband: The waistband should have a highly elastic construction which can fit on comfortably and tightly. It should allow free circulation and movement of muscles.
  • Size: The lacrosse goalie pants are generally compact in size which extends from the hips to the upper thighs.

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