Best Lacrosse Helmets In 2021 For All Players

Having a good and sturdy lacrosse helmet is mandatory for lacrosse players.

This guide will show you first some of the things to consider when buying your lacrosse helmet as well as reviews of the best lacrosse helmets in the market for men, youth players as well as for women’s lacrosse players.

I hope this helps you guys.

Best Lacrosse Helmets For Men In 2021: Detailed Reviews

Cascade CPX-R Helmet

The Cascade CPX-R is quite a popular lacrosse helmet because it packs a ton of convenient features and all at a very pocket-friendly price tag.

To begin with, this helmet introduced the SPR fit system where there is an adjustable pad located at the back of the helmet, and this allows the one-size-fits-most helmet to give a tighter fit.

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The helmet also has a long profile, and the advantage of this is that it results in a perfect tilt. Another handy feature is the Seven Technology liner which aids with energy transfer upon direct impacts.

How this system works is that the liner compresses so that energy is displaced laterally, but then the liner resets within seconds, ready to protect the player from the next impact.

In addition to the many great features, this sleek helmet is also among the best looking helmets in the market.

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EliteTek LAX Lacrosse Visor Eye Shield fits Cascade Helmets

The fit of a visor is particularly important because when it fits correctly, the visor is responsible for keeping the sun out of the player’s eyes but without obscuring the player’s vision.

This particular EliteTek visor goes the extra mile and shields the player’s eyes from dust, and other airborne particles and also from finger pokes when an opponent grabs the mask while on the field.

EliteTek LAX Lacrosse Visor Eye Shield fits Cascade Helmets

To ensure clear sight even with continued use, this visor comes with an anti-fog coating, and it is also scratch resistant which also guarantees durability.

The impact resistant visor is made out of optical polycarbonate which blocks harmful UV rays, and this reduces glare by controlling light intensity.

This visor fits all Cascade brand helmets, so you do not necessarily have to buy the visor together with a helmet. It can conveniently be purchased separately.


STX Stallion 575 Adult Lacrosse Helmet

The STX Stallion 575 has a shell made out of high-quality poly-carbonate, and this superior material is both lightweight, and very strong and can withstand impacts when on the field.

Additionally, the shell incorporates the Surefit Air Liner which is adjustable to allow for a nice snug fit.

STX Stallion 575 Adult Lacrosse Helmet

The jaw pads made out of EVA are also adjustable, and they come in a variety of sizes thus allowing for a customizable fit.

As far as energy dispersal is concerned, this helmet features the patented D30 impact energy technology and a hybrid TPU cushioning system, and together these help to protect the player’s head from any impacts.

How this works is that the TPU cushioning absorbs the energy upon impact, then disperses it towards the crown and the rear of the helmet. For convenience, this helmet comes with a pump for the Surefit Air Liner.


STX Lacrosse Stallion 600 Men's Lacrosse Helmet

The stallion 600 also has a shell made out of polycarbonate, and this has the advantage of being much stronger than the ABS plastic used in previous helmets such as the Stallion 500.

As far as cushioning goes, this helmet combines Surefit Air Liner padding with TPU cushioning, and this unique hybrid system gives a great fit and impact absorption.

STX Lacrosse Stallion 600 Men's Lacrosse Helmet

The liner provides an increased surface area for a comfortable fit and feel, and its rear placement allows it to form better to the contours of the player’s head.

The Surefit Air Liner also improves the durability of the helmet, whereas the blue TPU cushioning is perfectly positioned for optimum impact absorption in key areas.

One other unique feature is the TPU side pads included in this Stallion 600 helmet, and these give a very comfortable feel and an improved fit.


STX Stallion 650 Adult Lacrosse Helmet Review

This lacrosse helmet is designed specifically with the elite player in mind.

To begin with, the poly-carbonate shell is of course very lightweight and strong, but it also looks quite stylish and gives a great fit.

STX Stallion 650 Adult Lacrosse Helmet Review

Patented D30 technology is used at the back and sides of the helmet, and while this molecular structure remains soft and flexible in its natural state, it compresses upon impact to absorb the energy, then reverts to its natural state in a few seconds after dispersing the energy.

TPU cushioning, on the other hand, is used at the front and crown for the helmet and this hybrid setup gives a very comfortable fit and feel.

The EVA jaw pads incorporate TPU cushioning for enhanced impact absorption, and they are also adjustable to give a tighter fit.

Besides, the jaw pads come in multiple sizes, and this allows the lacrosse players to get a customizable fit.


Best Lacrosse Helmets For Kids and Youth Players

Cascade CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

This youth helmet is perfect for lacrosse players who are under the age of 12.

The FutureStar Mono shell comes in a one-piece construction for efficient impact resistance, and it is also very lightweight such that it will not interfere with the young player’s movement while on the field.

Cascade CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

Additionally, this reduced weight also helps reduce fatigue so the player can comfortably play for prolonged hours while wearing the helmet.

The helmet features a full pivot system whereby the rear third of the liner can pivot to grasp the head, and this ensures a secure fit that can be adjusted using a proprietary pull-tab.

The Fit Switch technology used to control the lateral width of the liner is another handy feature because of this way, the helmet rows’ with the player.

Gen3 EPP liner impressively meets and exceeds all lacrosse standards which is not very surprising seeing as the helmet is actually NOCSAE approved.


Cascade CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

The Cascade CS comes with one very handy feature which is the temple-mounted Fit Switch technology.

This system comes with switches placed at the temple of the helmet, and these allow the player to adjust the lateral width of the Gen3 EPP liner easily, so they get a no-fuss instant fit.

Cascade CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

This feature also allows the helmet to grow with the kid which is very important unless you want to end up buying a new helmet every couple of months.

The full pivot system is another very handy feature whereby the whole rear third of the liner can pivot to grasp the head, and this gives an instant, secure fit that can be adjusted using the proprietary pull-tab.

These easy features, along with the lightweight nature of the helmet make it easy to use such that the young lacrosse player can easily put the helmet on by themselves.


Best Lacrosse Helmets For Women Goalies In 2021

Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

This women’s helmet has a flexible outer shell which provides total coverage of the front, back and sides of the head.

Additionally, the front of the helmet features a facemask made from heavy duty steel for long lasting durability and excellent facial protection, and it also gives optimized sight lines thus eliminating potential blind spots.

Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

The Cascade LX also features Poron XRD technology which maximizes protection by dispersing linear force at the point of contact. To ensure a perfect fit, this helmet comes with a rear adjustable strap and three interchangeable cheek pad sets.

Also, there are dual rear slots which can accommodate various hair lengths and styles for a great fit and quality comfort. Still, on hair, the helmet has strategic vents which accelerate airflow to keep the player’s head pleasantly cool.

Lastly, this helmet has an integrated goggle system, and this one-piece design ensures that there will not be any facial pressure, as is often the case when using a separate goggle.


How To Choose The Best Lacrosse Helmet?

  • Safety

Buyers should look out for the NOCSAE logo on any helmet they might be interested in buying. Safety always has to come first and so the player needs to be completely sure that they are investing in a helmet that will adequately protect their heads from any serious injuries.

First off, you want a helmet that is lightweight yet strong. This way, the helmet will not weigh heavily on your shoulders, hampering your performance but at the same time, the strength of the helmet should be such that a player can take a hard shot to the face and yet be able to walk off the field uninjured.

  • Fit

Safety goes hand-in-hand with a great fit because even the most efficiently designed helmet will not offer much protection if it doesn’t fit the head correctly, to begin with. A good lacrosse helmet should give a snug fit around the head with the padding on the inner side of the helmet providing firm, even pressure.

Despite being snug, the fit should still feel comfortable such that players can wear the helmet all day long without worrying about getting headaches. As far as the tilt goes, you should be able to look through the top bars of the face mask and not the middle bars.

Once achieved, the perfect tilt is maintained by tightening the chin strap so that there is no slack.

  • Style

Despite being functional, sporting gear should also bear some character and personality. Lacrosse helmets come in a wide variety of hues and models so players can easily take their pick regarding which design best suits their personality.

Besides the basic look of the helmet, players can additionally buy decals, helmet wraps and custom facemasks to put on their helmets and give it that personal touch. The decals can even be customized to match the team’s colors, logo, etc.

The helmet, visor and chin guard colors can also be customized accordingly to match the team’s uniform or a player’s personal preferences.

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