Best Lacrosse Shafts For Attack, Defense and Goalies In 2021

There are hundreds of different lacrosse shafts in today’s market. You’ll see that they’re not all the same. Some are longer than others.

Some are made from Titanium while others are made from Aluminium. Also the shape is different as well.

These differences are justified of course.

But for a beginner, all of these differences can be overwhelming.

That’s why I made this guide here to help lacrosse beginners find the best lacrosse shaft for them.

In this guide, I review some of the best lacrosse shafts that I think are worth your consideration before making your final decision.

I tried to make this guide as straightforward as possible so I made different sections for different positions: attack, defense and goalies.

I also included at the end of this guide two lacrosse shaft for women and youth players.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Lacrosse Shafts For Attack Players and Middies

East Coast Dyes ECD Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft

This 30” carbon fiber shaft is made from advanced composite materials and as a result, the stick delivers the highest quality and performance which makes this shaft East Coast Dyes’ most advanced carbon shaft.

Weighing a mere 147 grams, this is one of the most lightweight shafts in the market and it has an impressively high strength-to-weight.

East Coast Dyes ECD Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Additionally, these shaft features REACT Technology which ensures that the shaft with offer optimum flex for increased shot speeds as well as a great feel.

The strategically placed uniform kick point on this shaft allows players to have an easy transition from a standard shaft to one that offers some flex and this makes this ECD shaft suitable for all positions and levels of play.

The octagon-shaped handle provides a great feel through the gloves and the textured sandpaper grip provides a superior grip in all weather conditions.


Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight Shafts

The Dragonfly Eight features Surface Veil Technology (SVT) which adds an additional layer of highly engineered material to the exterior of the stick and this is meant to increase the overall toughness of the shaft.

SVT provides the shaft with an extra layer of protection and this gives rise to a shaft that is dent resistant and extremely durable, while still being very lightweight.

Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight Shafts

The 12K Intelligent Weave Technology used allows the shaft to have a more uniform construction by spreading out carbon filaments in each row to create a thinner woven fabric that has reduced crimp and reduced weight as well.

Because of this weaving technology, these Epoch shafts optimize mechanical performance because there are minimal voids in the layup.

The top 2/3 of the shaft has a consistent flex profile for uniform release and this guarantees that regardless of the player’s hand positioning, they can benefit from the flex offered by the stick, without compromising on their ball control.


East Coast Dyes Lacrosse 2016 Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shafts

This elite composite lacrosse shaft features kick point technology that offers a snap and flex that is higher up the shaft than with traditional carbon shafts.

A high kick point results in a quick release which is just what makes this shaft particularly ideal for attackers and middies who want very quick plays but without compromising their ball control.

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse 2016 Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shafts

Flex is further enhanced by the Flex Control Layering (FCL) and the REACT technology incorporated within this lacrosse shaft. The increased flex provides that extra snap to all shots and passes so that they are powerful and accurate.

Similar to all the best lacrosse shafts, this one also features a textured sandpaper grip which allows players to use the shaft comfortably even when playing in rainy weather.

Besides the grip, the octagon-shaped handle enhances the feel of the stick which is an important factor for better and faster play.


Maverik Lacrosse Wonderboy Attack Shaft

What makes the Wonderboy shaft special is that Maverik managed to make it 10% lighter than all their previous shafts.

This has been made possible by using 9000 Series Alloy and a lightweight shaft comes in handy because it does not weigh the player down when out in the field.

Maverik Lacrosse Wonderboy Attack Shaft

Besides being lightweight, the shaft is also surprisingly durable and it can take quite a number of checks without denting. Note however that the graphics might check off and the stick might have a couple of scratches but where it really counts, this shaft holds up very well.

The TACTILEGRIP Technology used gives this shaft an impressive grip in all weather conditions, and the deep groves arising from the Maverik Signature Shape give the player a great feel, besides further enhancing the grip.

This shaft features an adjustable butt-end together with a silicone liner and this is intended to give the stick added stability for more accurate shots and passes.


Warrior Platinum Tactical 14 Attacker Lacrosse Shaft

Featuring superior platinum grade construction, this Tactical shaft is very strong and durable.

In fact, is about 2x stronger than standard aluminum shafts which are quite impressive especially when the shaft is to be used by elite players in very competitive games?

Warrior Platinum Tactical 14 Attacker Lacrosse Shaft

This is the kind of shaft a player needs if they tend to give and take constant checks because, with a string shaft, they can play efficiently without worrying about bending or denting the stick.

The Zonal grip technology featured on this shaft is strategically located so that the grip is raised in specific key areas along the length of the shaft.

This allows for easier and faster handling of the stick and it also enhances faster hand speed while playing. Basically, this is the perfect shaft for players who need maximum grip but without having to wrap tape around the stick.


STX Lacrosse Stallion Scandium Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

Built using Scandium alloy, this STX shaft has a superior strength-to-weight ratio which is why the shaft is very lightweight but while still being reliably strong and durable.

It also features STX’s patented Shaft Lock Technology which is meant to provide a more secure connection between the head and the handle thus reducing the head rattle and gibing the stick overall improved stability.

STX Lacrosse Stallion Scandium Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

The concave octagon shape of the handle is ideal for players who like a shaft that offers a great feel through the gloves and this is turn allows them to have better control and faster reaction.

Further enhancing the feel of this stick is the mild sandblast grip finish which gives a nice firm grip with or without gloves. A great grip allows players to play in all weather conditions without compromising their speed or ball control


Best Lacrosse Shafts For Defense In 2021

Warrior Burn Diamond Handle Lacrosse Shaft

To date, the Warrior Burn Pro is Warrior’s lightest shaft and it was purely designed for speed.

To begin with, this shaft is manufactured from Kyptolyte alloy which delivers a handle that is extremely light in weight and one that delivers a quick release to allow the players to switch hands with maximum efficiency.

Warrior Burn Diamond Handle Lacrosse Shaft

Lightness in weight is an appealing aspect to most lacrosse players, and this Warrior Burn Pro Diamond shaft is among the lightest lacrosse handles in the market.

Besides the lightweight, this shaft also features a diamond grip texture which supports play in all field conditions.

The diamond grip also gives this lacrosse handle a great feel even through the gloves and this gives the players better ball control which is vital for any player position.

Further enhancing the great feel of this stick is the SPEED die shape similar to that used in traditional lacrosse shafts.


Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight Shafts

The Epoch Dragonfly features Epoch’s newest Surface Veil Technology (SVT) and this results in the stick having fewer micro fractures but without giving the stick unnecessary additional weight.

Thereby, using SVT allows the lacrosse handle to have increased overall toughness offered by the additional layer of a highly engineered material integrated within the exterior carbon fiber surface of the shaft.

Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight Shafts

With SVT, the Epoch Dragonfly gets to be much stronger capable of withstanding hard hits and checks.

The 12K Intelligent Weave Technology also used within this shaft stabilizes the player’s hands allowing energy to be directed towards the head of the stick for better control when passing and shooting.

Uniform Release, on the other hand, results in a consistent flex profile throughout the top 2/3 of the shaft without depending on the player’s hand positioning.

Featuring Flex IQ, this lacrosse handle bends when you need it to but it also retains its firmness so that you always have maximum control of both the stick and the ball.


Maverik Caliber Men's Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Made using the high-end scandium-titanium alloy, this Maverik Caliber Shaft is not only lightweight but also very strong and durable.

Additionally, the signature shape of this shafts gives it a very responsive feel even through the gloves and this gives the players better grip and control when on the field.

Maverik Caliber Men's Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Featuring a bead blasted grip finish, this is the kind of shaft that will offer a firm grip even when playing in rainy weather. Better yet, the finish does not wear off so players do not have to worry about the lacrosse handle becoming less efficient with time.

The best lacrosse stick might be pricey, but it should last you several playing seasons and this is just what the Maverik Caliber offers every defense lacrosse player.

The Adjustable Butt End (ABE) Technology used on this stick features a silicone liner which gives the stick added stability for improved control and overall performance.


East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shaft Lacrosse Shafts

The high-end composite materials and the advanced manufacturing processes used to make this lax shaft ensure that the player gets to have a stick that is of the highest quality and offers great performance.

To begin with, the carbon fiber used allows the shaft to have a high strength to weight ratio for optimum longevity but without weighing the defense player down while on the field.

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shaft Lacrosse Shafts

Additionally, this handle features React Technology which enhances flex for increased shot speeds, accurate passes, and better snap and feel. The uniform kick point allows for an easy transition from a standard shaft and this ensures comfortable yet efficient play.

For a firm yet comfortable hold, this lacrosse handle features a textured grip with a slight sandpaper feel for all-weather performance.

Additionally, the shaft has the classic octagonal shape but with slightly concave sides and this shape gives it a perfect feel in the player’s hands.


Warrior Platinum 14 Defender Lacrosse Shaft

The Warrior Platinum 14 shaft features platinum grade construction which is two times stronger than standard aluminum handles and thus guaranteed longevity of the stick.

This strength is ideal for youth and high school defense position players because it can withstand hard hits and big checks without bending or breaking.

Warrior Platinum 14 Defender Lacrosse Shaft

The zonal grip is raised from the bottom of the shaft provides the ideal design for those players that may be looking for a shaft with the extra grip so that they can enjoy maximum control regardless of the hand positioning.

This way, this lax shaft is perfectly designed for players of different levels as well as different age groups, without them having to add extra tape for the ideal grip depending on their hand position.

Besides being very functional, this stick also comes in attractive chrome finishes and in a variety of eye-catching colors along with striking graphics giving it an overall edgy look and feel.


Brine Triumph Power Defence Shaft

Just as the name suggests, Brine’s Triumph Power lax shaft is designed to devastate the opponent for superior play and performance.

Firstly, this is made possible by using performance grade ST2 alloy which offers unrivaled strength and durability guaranteeing that the stick will that up to hard checks and the toughest play.

Brine Triumph Power Defence Shaft

The ST2 alloy resiliently absorbs whatever brutality you put the stick through and without suffering and bends or breakages.

The permanent anodized graphics on this handle have a smooth glossy finish and they are similarly designed to withstand brutal play such that they will not chip or peel even after prolonged use of the lacrosse shaft.

The power dies shape of this handle comes in handy for enhanced grip which consequently, optimizes performance and maximizes the durability of the stick. The traditional rubber butt end fits snugly and provides a great feel and comfort for the player’s bottom hand.


Best Goalie Lacrosse Shafts For The Money In 2021

Epoch Lacrosse - Dragonfly Eight Shafts

The greatest feature of this lax handle is probably the 12K Intelligent Weave Technology which is meant to stabilize the hands thus pushing energy towards the head of the stick.

The carbon filaments in each row are spread out so that they create a thinner woven fabric and this uniform shaft construction has minimal voids in the layup, and reduced weight while still providing optimal mechanical performance.

Epoch Lacrosse - Dragonfly Eight Shafts

The uniform construction also results in reduced ‘crimp’ so that non-essential carbon fibers are eliminated without compromising the structural integrity of the lacrosse handle.

The uniform release feature allows for a consistent flex profile along the top 2/3 of the shaft despite a player’s hand positioning.

This design is more beneficial compared to a localized kick point because it takes into consideration different hand positions depending on the player’s skills, level and playing position on the field.


East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shaft

This East Coast Dyes goalie-length Lacrosse shaft features flex 5 Technology which allows the shaft to flex when making shots or passes and this increases the shots speed and feel thus resulting in better play.

Offering a unique flex profile, this handle has flex points which offer maximum performance so as to keep goalies at their best game.

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shaft

The flex and kick points are harmonized using East Coast Dyes’ REACT Technology and this keeps the handle very responsive to movement, snaps and shots.

A goalie always needs a shaft with a slip-free touch and this handle comes with a sandpaper grip that offers a firm grip in all playing conditions.

A firm grip always comes in handy when playing during rainy weather or even when playing in very warm weather where the player might have sweaty palms. The octagon shape further contributes towards the firm grip and also provides a responsive feel through the gloves.


Maverik Lacrosse A1 Goalie Shaft

The A1 happens to be the lightest of all Maverik shafts and it is constructed from tough 7000 series alloy.

Despite being light in weight though, this shaft is still very robust and durable and it can work with any lacrosse head depending on the player’s position and playing style.

Maverik Lacrosse A1 Goalie Shaft

The great speed shape enables goalies to move fast and with agility so that they can catch balls effectively.

To ensure that the goalie does not accidentally let go of the shaft during a game, the Maverik A1 comes with Grit Grip technology and this design provides a firm yet comfortable grip suitable for all weather conditions.

This bead-blasted texture finish provides maximum stick control and it does not wear with time, thus giving the players optimum value for their money.

The adjustable butt end (ABE) feature allows you to slide the butt end wherever you want on the stick and this allows you to get the most out of your lacrosse stick.


Warrior Kryptolyte 11 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

The Warrior Kryptolyte 11 goalie lacrosse shaft was among the first pioneer shafts to set the industry standards.

It is designed with the professional goalie in mind, and so its price point might not seem very favorable for the beginners.

Warrior Kryptolyte 11 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

However, rest assured that this handle is packed with great features that will enhance the goalie’s skills.

One such feature is the rounded edge shape of the grip position and this gives the handle a natural fit into your hands for a comfortable feel of the stick. As a result, this stick becomes easy to handle for fast and accurate play without weighing the goalie down.

The kryptolyte grade alloy material used to make the shaft results in a round and firm handle that is very popular amongst goalies.

The well designed simple “circle W” graphics give the shaft an attractive and eye-catching detail that is visible from afar.


Best Youth (Wood) Lacrosse Shafts For Young Players

Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Attack Shaft

Traditional lacrosse shafts all had wooden handles but with the introduction of lighter lax shafts, wood is now best suited for the defense players.

There are a variety of woods and styles to choose from and Hickory is particularly known for its great strength while still being pleasantly flexible as desired.

Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Attack Shaft

Another advantage of hickory shafts is that they do not warp and so the shaft does not get easily damaged during plays.

One particularly quirky aspect of this stick is how the shaft is designed to change its color depending on the type of oils the player has applied on their hands and this unique color design gives the shaft an unconventional aesthetic appeal and personality.

The hex-cut shape of the shaft gives it a nice subtle feel even through the gloves and this shape allows the handle to fit all head types.


Best Women’s Lacrosse Shafts In 2021

Epoch Generation 5 Dragonfly WX32 iQ8 Shaft

Basically, this is one of the most advanced and responsive shafts in the market and players will find it feature-packed for effective and efficient play.

The Epoch Dragonfly for women has very thin composite layers arranged in different orientations and this controls energy transfer, flexural integrity and torsional stability of the shaft.

Epoch Generation 5 Dragonfly WX32 iQ8 Shaft

The torque box is located deep in the layup but it is also specifically centered on key areas along the length of the shaft. This way, the technology is placed in critical areas around the hands so at to optimize the feel and effect.

The reload technology featured within this shaft uses low Fiber Areal Weight (FAW) and high-modulus carbon fiber so as to provide maximum recoil during flex.

This way, the shaft bends when you need it to but it still retains its firmness so that you have maximum control.


Lacrosse Shafts Requirements For Every Position: Attack/midfield, Defense and Goalies

  • For Attack/Midfield Players

Attackers and midfielders often need to be very fast and agile and they also need to have aggressive moves. For these reasons, their lacrosse shafts need to be short and light in weight so that it enhances their game rather than weighing them down.

Attack and midfielder shafts are usually the shortest, measuring between 37”-42” long at youth lacrosse level; and 30”-32” at NCAA lacrosse level.

  • For Defense Players

Players playing the defense positions often block shots and throw harder checks and so, as a result, their lacrosse stocks need to be longer for extended reach and made of more durable materials for longevity. Defense shafts are often the longest of all lacrosse shafts, measuring between 42”-62”. 60” is often the standard shaft length used by all high school and NCAA level defensive players though.

  • For Lacrosse Goalies

Goalies need a long shaft that allows them to guard the goal effectively but at the same time, they also need to move quickly and with agility. For these reasons, goalie lacrosse shafts need to be between 40”-72” long, but 40” is often used as the standard length.

Features To Consider When Buying a Lacrosse Shaft

A. Types of Shaft Grips

Lacrosse shafts now come with many different grip variations, which means that players no longer need to tape up the stick or use grip spray all in a bid to get the grip that they want.

  • The first type of grip is where you have sandpaper coating on the stick, also known as the grip. Just as the name suggests, this type of grip is gritty and this enables it to offer a firm hold even when the player is in gloves and it’s a rainy day.
  • The second type of grip is the slick grip which is essentially a rubberized coating. This does not feel gritty, like the grip grit, but when the player is in gloves, this grip feels sticky and offers a feel. Lastly, the traditional gloss-type grip comprises a smooth finish and the downside to this is that the stick can get very slippery when wet.

B. Types of Shaft Shapes

Different lacrosse shaft shapes create a different feel in the player’s hands and this influences the feeling the shaft has on your grip and cradling.

Octagon is by far the most common lacrosse shaft shape and this is because it has smoother edges for fast stick work and crossovers.

Additionally, octagon shafts offer the most texture and feel through the glove, but they are not the only shaft shape available.

Basically, the main options are between a rigid shaft and a more circular one.

While the former offers tight angles, the circular ones have rounded corners and both options offer different feels fit for different players.

C. Material Used In Lax Shafts

  • Aluminum-based alloys

Aluminum shafts are rather a low cost, and so they are more popular with beginner and intermediate level players who may just be picking up the sport.

Depending on the levels of the aluminum grade used, these shafts will have varying weights and durability but generally, aluminum lacrosse shafts tend to be the most lightweight of all shafts.

Additionally, these sticks also tend to be very versatile and easy to use. The reason why this shaft is not popular among more advanced players is that it can dent rather easily when used for rigorous play. Also, because they lack a natural grip, these shafts will not offer the advanced grip desired by more advanced lacrosse layers.

  • Titanium

Titanium was the first technological advance in lacrosse shafts, prior to which aluminum and wood were the only shaft material options. Although other materials have not been introduced especially for advanced players, titanium still remains as a popular option owing to its strength and durability as well as its superior lightweight feel.

  • Scandium

Scandium is arguably the most popular lacrosse shaft material available today because it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio.

This way, players get to enjoy lightweight speeds combined with impressive durability. At the same time, scandium sticks come at a very affordable price point and this gives rise to the perfect shaft for top-level lacrosse players.

  • Bends / Scandium-Titanium

When titanium and scandium are mixed together, they create a superior strength-to-weight the ratio which neither of the materials can achieve on their own.

For this reason, blended shafts will have the lightweight feel of Scandium and the comparable durability of a titanium shaft which gives players the best of both worlds. For midfielders, these are the best shafts on the market.

  • Composite / Carbon Fiber

Composite shafts are made from carbon fiber and they have flex profiles which make the stick very versatile and perfect for attack players playing the offense.

The weight-to-strength the ratio for these sticks is rather impressive, and players are assured of a shaft that gives unrivaled shot velocity without the stick bending or denting.

The other advantage of composite shafts is that they have a natural grip and they feel cold in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

D. The Flex of The Shaft

Howe stiff do you want your shaft? When the ball is in the head and the player starts their shooting motion, some sticks offer the ability for the shaft to flex with the ball and this delivers more power into the speed of the ball when released.

Carbon fiber composite shafts are known for their flex factor and they offer a variety of flex options ideal for different players depending on their flex preferences.

Flex basically allows you to shoot the ball harder and this feature is often particularly desired by attackers and middies.

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