lacrosse rules for beginners

Lacrosse Rules For Beginners For Men’s and Women’s

The game of Lacrosse is played among teams. It involves the passing of a ball to fellow teammates, with the help of a customized stick, complete with a net/mesh-like material at the top. However, the rules of this game differ from one league to another….

how to soften lacrosse mesh

How to Soften Lacrosse Mesh: 5 Easy Tricks For Beginners

The hard mesh is made of twisted woven fibers which are highly resistant to heat, humidity, and harsh environmental conditions. Softening techniques should consider the fiber ply and denier apart from the material construction. After washing you can test catching, retaining and passing convenience. If…

how much do lacrosse pro players make

How Much Do Pro Lacrosse Players Make In MLL and NLL Leagues?

As of 2016, there were over 825,000 lacrosse players across the United States and this officially made lacrosse the fastest growing sport in America and particularly among NFHS member schools. Despite the increasing popularity of the game, however, professional lacrosse players are not yet at…

lacrosse facts

11 Fun Lacrosse Facts About Its History and Origins

A few days back, I realised that I even though I’ve been a big fan of lacrosse for over a decade now, I still don’t know a lot about lacrosse history and how this sport had started. So, I decided to do some research and…

lacrosse positions for men

Lacrosse Positions For Men: Which Position Should I Choose?

As you probably already know there are four positions in men’s lacrosse. This guide will talk in details about each lacrosse position. Pay attention that this guide is for male players (youth and adults) that intend to play field lacrosse. I’ll cover box lacrosse positions…