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Welcome to Lacrosse Pal! If this is your first time visiting my blog, I am so glad you are here! Having played lacrosse for 15 years, I always wanted to share my experience and insights with people in the community. Starting this blog is, in my opinion, the best way to do that. 

Whether you are a beginner looking to get started or an experienced laxer wanting to continue to improve your game, I’ve got you covered. As you navigate to the top dropdown menu of the blog, I have divided all my content into lacrosse equipment, lacrosse accessories, lacrosse info and lacrosse training. 

One of my very first lacrosse games

Beginner Level: Where should you start?

So for beginners, where should you begin? First and foremost, we need to make sure you got all the right gear and equipment to go onto the field. Check out my lacrosse equipment checklist for field players and checklist for goalies. For sticks, I recommend buying a complete stick to start off as it comes game ready out of the box without adjustments. 

Now with all that out of the way, you need to understand the basics of how a lacrosse game works and how to practice the fundamentals:

  1. Lacrosse rules for beginners 
  2. What position should I play in lacrosse
  3. How to play attack in lacrosse: beginner guide
  4. How to play defense in lacrosse (10 best defensive drills)
  5. How to throw a lacrosse ball (7 tips for beginners)
  6. How to catch a lacrosse ball
  7. How to cradle a lacrosse ball
  8. How to scoop ground balls like a pro
  9. How to play wall ball in lacrosse
  10. Best 10 lacrosse workouts you should be doing

The advice I always give to beginners who are committed to lacrosse and want to improve FAST is to buy a lacrosse rebounder. After seeing so many beginners soar by practicing in the backyard with a rebounder for six months, I am convinced the rebounder is the secret weapon to jump starting your lacrosse career. So take a look at my guide on lacrosse rebounders

One last thing, read my post on how to train for lacrosse tryouts 3-4 weeks before the season starts so you have time to prepare. Remember when everyone is resting but you are hustling, your time to shine will come sooner than you think. 

Experienced Level: How do I improve?

I have written a lot of content on this blog about various topics, so if you are an experienced player, apart from what I recommend reading below, feel free to browse around and see what piques your interest. If there’s any topic that you don’t see on here, shoot me a message! I always strive to do my best to help more players in the community to grow and prosper. 

As your level improves, at some time you would want to make the switch from using a complete stick to separately pairing a lacrosse head with a lacrosse shaft. So head to my buying guide on the best lacrosse head and lacrosse shaft in 2022 right now to pick out some of the highest quality options you can find on the market. For women’s players, a complete lacrosse stick will do the job since they are made for both beginner and advanced players. Read Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks in 2022 here. 

If you want my recommendations on other lacrosse equipment, you can find them in the lacrosse equipment section.

Now here are some recommended readings I think will help you further improve your lacrosse skills:

  1. How to improve off-hand in lacrosse
  2. Best lacrosse drills for one person (10 must-do exercises)
  3. Everything you need to know about whip in lacrosse
  4. Why is speed so important in lacrosse
  5. Understand fast breaks in lacrosse (both offense and defense)
  6. Tips to deal with lacrosse burnout (5 ways to start today)

Head to lacrosse info and lacrosse training to read more helpful and great lacrosse content. 

Lacrosse is fun when you have friends and family supporting you. Many of my closest friends are made in lacrosse. So get excited! Since you now landed on my blog, count me as one of your lacrosse friends even though we haven’t met in person, 😉 Who knows, maybe one day we will!

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