StringKing Lacrosse Equipment

StringKing Lacrosse Equipment

Last time, we went over ECD and its best lacrosse equipment. It’s only natural to bring up StringKing as the next lacrosse brand since these two brands have a fair share of commonalities. They both started around 2011-2012. They both began their lacorsse brands in stringing and making meshes. 

So a brief overview of StringKing, with a mission of creating better and more consistent mesh StringKing was founded. After its initial success with lacrosse mesh, it has expanded into other verticals, lacrosse sticks both heads and shafts for women and men. It has become a famous brand in lacrosse and other sports such as baseball, softball, and hockey. It’s truly a powerhouse for laxers who look for the best quality equipment.

StringKing Lacrosse Heads

If you have bought StringKing products before, you would know it has a series name for each equipment type. The individual lacrosse heads belong to the “Mark” series and there will be a letter after Mark to indicate which position it’s for.

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Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Mark 2ABuilt For AttackLink
Mark 2VBuilt For VersatilityLink
Mark 2TBuilt For TransitionLink
Mark 2DBuilt For DefenseLink
Mark 2FBuilt For FaceoffsLink
Mark 2GBuilt For GoaliesLink
Mark 1More Affordable OptionLink
LegendBuilt For Intermediate PlayersLink

StringKing Lacrosse Shafts

As a brand that offers many varieties and options, StringKing offers both carbon fiber and metal shafts for players at all levels to choose from. “Composite” refers to carbon shafts. “Metal” refers to metal shafts. “A Series” refers to aluminum shafts (more affordable options). Another thing to note is that StringKing also offers different weights based on age and skill level (be sure to choose the weight level that suits you the most).

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Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Composite Pro AttackBuilt For Offensive PerformanceLink
Composite Pro DefenseBuilt For Defensive PerformanceLink
Composite Pro GoalieBuilt For Goalie PerformanceLink
Composite Pro FaceoffBuilt For Faceoff PerformanceLink
Metal 3 Pro AttackAdvanced Metal Offensive ShaftLink
Metal 3 Pro DefenseAdvanced Metal Defensive ShaftLink
Metal 3 Pro GoalieAdvanced Metal Goalie ShaftLink
A Series AttackAffordable Offensive ShaftLink
A Series DefenseAffordable Defensive ShaftLink
A Series GoalieAffordable Goalie ShaftLink
StringKing Logo

StringKing Complete Sticks

Typically complete sticks are for beginners and intermediate players. StringKing has a wide variety of complete sticks for players to choose from. Some of these are great and most popular options for beginner players, namely Complete 2 Senior.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Complete 2 SeniorFor Players Age 15 & UpLink
Complete 2 IntermediateFor Players Age 10 – 14Link
Complete 2 JuniorFor Players Age 9 & UnderLink
Complete OriginalFor Players Age 10 – 14Link
Complete JuniorFor Players Age 9 & UnderLink
StarterFor Players Age 10 – 14Link
Starter JuniorFor Player Age 9 & UnderLink

StringKing Lacrosse Mesh & String Kits

Now I present to you one of the best lacrosse mesh leaders on the market, StringKing’s Type 4. In addition, StringKing also has a wide variety of other meshes for players to choose from. I will include some of the best and most popular options below.

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Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Type 4xSemi-hard Performance MeshLink
Type 4fFaceoff Performance MeshLink
Type 4sSemi-soft Performance MeshLink
Grizzly 2Goalie Performance MeshLink
Player’s Custom String KitEverything-in-one KitLink
Goalie’s Custom String KitEverything-in-one KitLink

StringKing Lacrosse Heads (Women’s)

StringKing also offers equally strong and quality lacrosse heads for women players. See below for both in unstrung and strung versions. 

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Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Mark 2 OffenseElite Head for Offensive PlayersUnstrung, Strung
Mark 2 Midfield Elite Head for MiddiesUnstrung, Strung
Mark 2 DefenseElite Head for Defensive PlayersUnstrung, Strung
Mark 2 GoalieElite head for GoaliesUnstrung, Strung
LegendAffordable Option for PlayersStrung
StringKing Logo

StringKing Lacrosse Shafts (Women’s)

Next we have the StringKing shafts to go with the heads. Just like men’s shafts, StringKing women’s shafts also offer carbon fiber and metal shafts, “Composite” and “Metal”.

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Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Composite ProLightweight & Durable ShaftsLink
Composite Pro GoalieElite Goalie ShaftsLink
CompositeMore Affordable OptionsLink
Metal 3 ProPremium Metal ShaftsLink
Metal 2More Affordable Metal ShaftsLink

StringKing Complete Sticks (Women’s)

Lastly, we have StringKing complete sticks for women players. Unlike men’s, women’s complete sticks are great for both beginners and professional players. Great for every age, level and style of play.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Complete 2 Pro OffenseElite Carbon Complete StickLink
Complete 2 Pro MidfieldElite Middie StickLink
Complete 2 Pro DefenseElite Defense StickLink
Complete OriginalFor Players Age 12 & UpLink
Complete JuniorFor Players Age 11 & UnderLink
Women’s StarterFor Players Age 10 & UpLink
Women’s Starter JuniorFor Players Age 9 & Under Link

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