STX Proton Power 2 Lacrosse Head Review

Rising from the roots of North America, this game has been named one of the most played team games.

In this game, players use sticks and balls to carry, shoot, pass, and catch the goal. Seems fun, right?

If you are a lacrosse player and want to indulge in perfectly, using the right lacrosse head is essential.

There are multiple options for lacrosse head in the market, but all that glitters aren’t gold.

You need to be considerate about all essential factors. In this article, we are sharing about the STX Lacrosse Proton Power Unstrung Lacrosse Head.

We have covered all the features, pros, and cons adhered to the lacrosse head to help you make a practical decision. So, have a look!

STX Proton Power 2 Lacrosse Head Review


The bulk can be put the players off, and by taking a look at the scoop, you will know there are no lips or volume at the back.

The players can quickly put the tip off the ground while you are struggling with balls, and with the broad yet smooth back, you can easily approach the ball.

This lacrosse head has the ability to combine user-friendly and accurate shots. In addition, it can cover up for the off-center leading to precise shooting and passing.

The players will have hands-on flexibility during the shooting with the commendable bending capability of the scoop.


There are stringing holes in all lacrosse head, but this one has nonentity, but it is still capable of creating a pocket.

The sidewall laces need to be tied with the pouch to ensure the sturdy adhesiveness of stringing holes.

Also, there will be a smooth ride from cradling to winding with a ball. For the mid-pocket, the pinch is effective;

however, the odd tricks aren’t possible with this lacrosse head.


There are diverging openings that work really well for the development of a channel.

There are only two holes at the bottom, and additional leather will be required to double up. On the contrary, it poses a positive impact on passing and shooting, and you will love releasing the ball!


Its common sense that neck needs to be strong, and with this lacrosse head, the strength and stability have been revamped. The head is flexible even when the sidewalls are attached to the bottom area of the throat.


This head has a tight-fitting, which means you will need to be forceful with putting it into the handle.


This head was designed to offer flexibility, and if you are a fan of sturdy playing, you might need to play aggressively or else look for some other lacrosse head.

Our Take On STX Proton Power Head

For every lacrosse game player, having the top-notch lacrosse head is essential. Some people opt for flexible heads, while some prefer sturdy heads.

If you are someone who prefers flexibility, this lacrosse head is the answer to all your problems.

With this head, we were able to score multiple goals, but you will need to considerate about the lifetime because the flexibility and lightweight material might affect the durability.

This head is incorporated with C-channel technology and a scalloped scoop.

This configuration plays an essential role in providing strength, stability, and flexibility.

Also, there are multiple stringing holes in the lacrosse head to enhance the gameplay. This lacrosse head is the lighter version of Proton Power to ensure an optimal playing experience.

Besides, this lacrosse head is beneficial for creating ball retention, shooting, and passing easy, and the ball pickups will be efficient as well.

The head is designed to reduce ball rattling, and in no time, stability and strength will be in your hand.


  • Strength
  • Zero rattling
  • Flexibility
  • Stability in shots
  • Multiple stringing holes
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient ball pickup


  • Isn’t apt for low pocket
  • Constant adjustment is required

Our Verdict on STX Proton Power 2

This lacrosse head is a suitable option for intermediate players who want to enhance the shooting precision and picking.

In addition, this lacrosse head makes great training equipment that is not only economical but provides value for money as well.

So, if you are trying to ramp up your lacrosse playing, opt for this head!

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