STX Stallion 200 Lacrosse Stick Review

If you are a beginner lacrosse player, you will need a lacrosse stick that is suited for your levels of skills.

One of the options that were created to help new players develop their fundamental skills is Stx stallion 200 Lacrosse stick.

According to the manufacturer, the lacrosse stick offers basic lacrosse skills but with the same advanced features available in their more expensive option.

But is this lacrosse stick for beginner worth the money or is it just but another hyped-up product?

Read more to get the answer to this question.

STX Stallion 200 Key Features

The stx stallion 200 lacrosse sticks comes with the following features:

  • Molded head with a softer material
  • Factory-strung
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Stallion 6000 series alloy handle included

STX Stallion 200 Lacrosse Stick Review


The head of the Stx stallion 200 Lacrosse stick was inspired by the head of its more expensive counterpart, the U 500.

It has a solid and flexible head that makes it easier to throw and catch. Whether you are a new or older player, it is a good choice for helping you pick up the basics.

To enable you to do some extra tricks, the head makes it easy to balance the ball.

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The pocket is mid-high enabling ball control and easy catching, no matter your levels of skills.

To provide a forgiving response, the head of the Stx stallion 200 Lacrosse stick has been created using a soft material. The sidewall is made of a dual brace.


Like it is the case with other STX models, the lacrosse stick has been strung with a harder mesh that is also very consistent.

This is a great choice for younger players who are still developing their skills.

While the mesh is a bit soft, this is mostly because the lacrosse stick has been designed for beginners who need a stick that makes it easy to throw, catch, and cradle.


The lacrosse sticks comes with an alloy handle from the Stallion 6000 series.

This ensures that it is comfortable to hold as you play.


The lacrosse stick is lightweight ensuring quicker passes and shots. The lightweight also ensures that you don’t get tired during playtime.

The lax stick meets the rules and regulations of the NFHS and NCAA rules


The Stx stallion 200 Lacrosse stick comes at an affordable price, making it a great choice for both intermediate and beginner players.

It is one of the most affordable models from the company.

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Skill level/ Length

The Lacrosse stick can be used in any part of the field. However, it is more suitable for attackers and midfielders. One of the complaints about the lacrosse stick is its length.

Even though it is a great choice for beginners, it may not be a good choice for older or advanced players.

  • Very lightweight, making it a good choice for fast players
  • Deep pockets
  • Holds up well
  • Wider head ensures easier catches
  • Dents easily on the head
  • Heads warp during faceoffs
  • Factory stringing often needs to be redone to meet the legal requirement or personal preference

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It is hard to find a one-size-fits lacrosse stick. However, the STX 200 lacrosse stick almost comes cross to achieving this.

It is a great stick for beginner players particularly those playing in the attack or middies. It is flexible, durable, and lightweight.

Despite its getting dents in a faceoff, many players appreciate the stick.

Therefore, the Stx stallion 200 Lacrosse stick is worth buying for a beginner or intermediate player.

However, if you need a professional lacrosse stick, you better think of another model.

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