STX Stallion 200 Lacrosse Stick Review

If you are a beginner lacrosse player, buying a lacrosse stick that is suited for your skill level is the most important way to accelerate your growth. 

As a leading lacrosse brand, STX has designed a great beginner stick that helps new players develop their fundamental skills in an effective and easy way possible, STX stallion 200 lacrosse stick. 

The lacrosse stick is specifically made to teach basic and intermediate lacrosse skills for new players. As you level up your game, STX also provides more expensive options for more advanced features. 

So what exactly makes this lacrosse stick great for beginners that allow it to live up to the hype? 

Read on to find out why below.

STX Stallion 200 Key Features


STX Stallion 200

STX Stallion 200

  • Very lightweight, making it a good choice for fast players
  • Deep pockets
  • Holds up well
  • Wider head ensures easier catches
  • Dents easily on the head
  • Heads warp during faceoffs
  • Factory stringing might need to be restrung to fit personal preference

The STX stallion 200 lacrosse sticks come with the following features:

  • Molded head with a softer material
  • Factory-strung
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Stallion 6000 series alloy handle included

STX Stallion 200 Lacrosse Stick Review


The head of the Stx stallion 200 Lacrosse stick was inspired by STX’s more expensive and premium counterpart for elite players, the U500.

It has a solid and flexible head that makes it easier to throw and catch. Whether you are a new or older player, it is a good choice for helping you pick up the basics.

To enable you to do some extra tricks, the head makes it easy to balance the ball.

The pocket is mid-high enabling ball control and easy catching, no matter your levels of skills.

To provide a forgiving response, the head of the Stx stallion 200 Lacrosse stick has been created using a soft material. The sidewall is made of a dual brace.


Similar to other STX models, the lacrosse stick has been strung with a quality mesh that promotes consistency and stability with catching and cradling the ball.

If you don’t particularly like the feel of the pocket, you can also restring the head to fit your preference better. 

Compared to more advanced meshes, STX Stallion 200 is a bit softer, this is mostly because the lacrosse stick has been designed for beginners who need a stick that makes it easy to throw, catch, and cradle.

This is one of the most important qualities for beginner/young players to consider when developing solid fundamentals.

STX Stallion 200


The lacrosse sticks come with an alloy handle from the Stallion 6000 series.

This ensures that it is comfortable to hold as you play.


The lacrosse stick is lightweight allowing for quick passes and shots. The lighter weight also ensures that you don’t get tired while making quick passing and heavy shooting during playtime.

Even compared to STX’s more expensive models, Stallion 200 is very competitive on the weight front. 

In addition, the lax stick meets the rules and regulations of the NFHS and NCAA rules.


The STX stallion 200 Lacrosse stick comes at an affordable price, making it a great choice for both intermediate and beginner players. 

It is one of the most affordable and high quality models from the company.

Skill level/ Length

Stallion 200 can be used by any player on the field. But it is built and designed with attackers and midfielders in mind. Therefore, its shorter stick could be a challenge for defenders in particular.

Although this is a very versatile and easy to pick up choice for beginning laxers, I definitely recommend looking into specific heads and shafts separately after moving into high school level to maximize your gameplay. 


As a regular reader of this blog, you know finding the best has a lot to do with your own preference and playing style. 

It is rare to find a one-size-fits-all lacrosse stick. If there is one that is closest to it, STX 200 lacrosse stick will for sure be a serious contender. 

It is a great stick for beginner players, particularly those playing in the attack or middies. It is flexible, durable, and lightweight.

Apart from getting dents quite often in a faceoff, many players appreciate the stick.

All in all, STX Stallion 200 is a widely popular choice and definitely my no.1 choice for beginner and young lacrosse players.

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