Warrior Lacrosse Equipment

Warrior Lacrosse Equipment

As one of the most reputable and known lacrosse brands, Warrior is a 31-year-old American sports manufacturer based in Warren, Michigan. Founded by a former professional lacrosse player David Morrow, Warrior makes different lacrosse equipment, ranging from sticks, gloves, helmets and other protective gear. 

Through two major mergers and acquisitions, Warrior has established itself as one of the dominant players in the market. In 2004, New Balance acquired Warrior. Subsequently, in 2007, Warrior acquired Brine. 

If you are a Warrior fan, in this post, I will walk you through some of the best Warrior products you can buy today.

Warrior Lacrosse Heads

Here is a list of the best lacrosse heads from Warrior. From attack to defense, Warrior continuously supports some of the best collegiate and professional laxers with their top of the line options. This is a perfect opportunity to scoop up your favorite Warrior head.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Warrior EVO QX-ONewest Attack Head (Review)Link
Burn Warp Pro 2Featuring built-in warp pocketLink
Warrior EVO QX-DNewest Defense HeadLink
Evolution 2.0Affordable & Quality Head (Review)Link
Burn FOMost popular Faceoff Head (Review)Link
Nemesis 3Warrior no.1 Goalie Head (Review)Link
Warrior Lacrosse Equipment

Warrior Lacrosse Shafts

Warrior was started by being the first manufacturer of titanium lacrosse shafts. Since then, Warrior has consistently made cutting edge shafts that are both durable and lightweight. Below are the highlights of Warrior’s shafts. Particularly, Warrior is making a stride in the carbon material.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
EVO QX AttackCarbon Fiber Shaft (Review)Link
Burn Pro ATKAnother great carbon shaftLink
EVO QX DefenseLightweight/Strong Shaft (Review)Link
Burn XP CarbonPremium Defensive Shaft (Review)Link
Warrior Lacrosse Equipment

Warrior Complete Sticks

For beginner players, complete sticks are a great option. Play ready out of the box, a complete stick takes beginners straight into the action, which is playing lacrosse. Different from many other lacrosse brands, Warrior makes widely popular built-in pocket complete sticks. Check them out down below.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Burn Warp Pro 2Features built in warp pocketLink
EVO Warp DefenseBuilt in warp pocket defense stickLink
Nemesis GoaliePopular Warrior’s goalie stickLink

Warrior Lacrosse Gloves

When it comes to lacrosse gloves, Warrior is the no.1 brand that comes up in players’ minds. Ranging from youth players to the most advanced players, Warrior has a great pair of gloves for all players.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
EVO QX2021 newest premium glovesLink
Burn ProPopular and great quality glovesLink
Nemesis Pro GoalieBest Warrior’s goalie glovesLink
Burn Next Jr.The best youth glovesLink

Warrior Lacrosse Arm Pads

I specifically like Warrior’s protective gears as they are some of the best options. Throughout my playing career, warrior arm pads proved to be the most reliable and durable. So if you are on the fence about which arm pads to choose, here are the best Warrior arm pads.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
EVO Arm GuardMaximum protection for attackersLink
EVO Pro Arm PadPerfect protection for middiesLink
Burn Pro Elbow PadMinimum protection for defendersLink
Youth NXT Arm PadGreat protection for youth laxersLink
Warrior Lacrosse Equipment

Warrior Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Lastly, we have shoulder pads. Warrior makes great shoulder pads, especially for youth players and goalies. Similar to arm pads, depending on your position and preference, you could choose between shoulder pads or liners. The difference is liners offer less protection whereas shoulder pads will cover most parts of your upper body.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
EVO Shoulder Pads2021 Updated Shoulder PadsLink
Burn Next Shoulder Pads2021 Updated Youth Shoulder Pads (Review)Link
Nemesis Pro Chest ProtectorPremium goalie chest protector (Review)Link

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