Best 10 Lacrosse Workouts You Should Be Doing

Being a successful lacrosse player calls for a healthy lifestyle. And that includes working out as often as you can, especially during the off-season.

Workouts will not only help you build your strength but are also great for core development and are a significant boost to your power.

So if you are just starting and have been wondering which exercises to include in your workout routine, this article is for you.

Here is comprehensive coverage of the top ten lacrosse workouts you should try out;

  1. Lengthy Runs

When it comes to playing lacrosse, you require a lot of perseverance.

And although it might not seem like it, incorporating lengthy runs in your exercising schedule, will help train your body the essence of endurance.

You can alternate them with slow runs and slowly switch to longer sessions as your body adjusts.

1-2 runs per week will be incredibly beneficial in your training.

They will also help you find your way easily when in the field.

2. Medicine Ball Russian Twists

Core work is definitely the center of any workout. There’re many ways to achieve this and one of them is through the Russian twist with medicine ball.

So why not throw a little bit of twist in between your lifting sessions and see how it goes? You will not only be resting from the intense lifts but also working out on something simpler and less exhausting.

The Medicine ball Russian twist perfectly fits the above description.

Ensure to work with a weight that’s suitable for you. Anything between 10-15 pounds should be okay.

Remember, 1 rep equals a single left and right touch. You can do up to 20 reps in the beginning, and increase them with time.

The video below will help you know how to do reps. It should be easy.

3. Pushups/ Bench Exercise

Most lacrosse players don’t seem to understand the importance of this workout. Well, either they ignore or don’t have full information.

But if you want to be the best, which we assume you’re, then pushups should be on top of your workout list.

Why? You need to build chest and triceps muscles in the field.

This’s extremely important especially if you’re playing on the defense side. You don’t want to be a push-over for your opponents.

Being a defender for your team means that you will be doing most of the pushing. So for you to successfully push your opponents away, you have to develop those muscles. No shortcut.

The more you do pushups, you will begin to notice an increase in your ability to scare or push the attackers far from your goal.

Since you can’t be an expert right from the start, we advise you to take it slow.

Once you can effortlessly manage a set of 5 workups of about 20 each, you can proceed to bench lifting.

It’s best if you get a trainer to help you out.

4. Plank Workout

Among the best workouts for lacrosse players, plank ranks best.

This is because lacrosse is centered on using your core muscles.

From ball shooting to great defense tactics, there’s barely anything you can do without a strong core.

So you see, you really have no choice but work on them.

The good news is that you don’t require any equipment to plank.

Just find enough room for yourself, settle into the plank position and get to it.

Remember, to go slow at the beginning. So start with 5 sets of planks on day one of around 30 seconds each and work your way up.

Use the video below as a guide.

5. Skull Crushers

If you’re playing lacrosse, then you must already be aware of the vital role played by triceps in the field.

So, you have to constantly work on yours. And what better exercise than using skull crushers.

Go for the dumbbell or curl bar depending on your preference and start exercising.

You have to exercise caution though, the name skull crusher didn’t just appear for fun. You could crush your skull in a matter of seconds if you aren’t careful!

Check out the demonstration below a look and always remember to get into gym wear, when working out.

6. Rope Jumping

There’s no denying that cardio is a real deal where the sport is concerned. And what better ways to achieve that than through rope jumping?

The versatility of the exercise is the best way to get ready to get in the lacrosse game field.

You get to work on your arms, quads, glutes, hamstring, calves, and core. It’s also a great cardiovascular exercise.

To play, you need a perfectly functioning heart for maximum blood circulation.

The best way to go about this is by jumping in intervals, such that you get a few seconds to rest before continuing.

For instance, you can choose to go hard for 30 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds, etc.

When you finally master what intervals work for you, you can now advance to jumping until you can’t anymore.

7. Dumbbell Step-ups

It’s quite unfortunate that most players pay more attention to upper body workouts than the lower body.

However, truth be told, the lower parts of the body also need to be in great shape to complete the upper ones.

This’s especially vital when it comes to lacrosse. You need powerful legs to survive the pressure in the field.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a goalie, attacker or defender, you will need leg power at one point or the other.

As a midfielder, you do a lot of sprinting. Defenders and attackers need their legs to drive each other away from their spaces, and goalies have to explode out at every shot.

So, you need to include DB step-ups in your workout list. This way, you get accustomed to the feeling of exploding out in each rep.

Also, ensure to go all the way onto your foot’s ball for an extreme extension.

The secret is to take it slow at the beginning and intensify as your body adjusts.

8. Cone Drills

As mentioned above, foot exercises are vital in the lacrosse game.

Apart from working on strengthening your feet, you also have to work on your speed.

You need quick feet and balance to chase your attacker down the field and you won’t achieve that out of the blue. You need to exercise.

And there’s no better way to achieve that impressive speed than the use of cone drills. There’re various brands in the market that you can use.

Do your research, identify the best ones for you and start working out.

Remember, nothing good comes easy. So if you’re feeling lazy, the only way to break loose is to start exercising.

Check out recommended training equipment to take your agility to the next level:

GHB Pro Training Ladder

PanAme Hexagonal Training Rings

XGEAR Speed & Agility Training Set

9.Cable Chop

Cable chop is an amazing workout for lacrosse players who are trying to increase their shot speed. It’s an advanced exercise, so you will need a good gym for this.

They normally stock cable machines that you can use during your sessions.

Sometimes videos explain better than words, so we included one for you, to help you get a glimpse of the entire workout.

10. Bent-over Barbell Rows

As a lacrosse player, you must have realized that you use your shoulders a lot during the game. Therefore, it’s important to include them in your choice of workout exercises.

So apart from getting busted with bench presses with your teammates, you should try bent-over barbell rows to help you improve the overall shape of your shoulders.

They are also great at achieving arm strength, not forgetting the muscles on your back.

Sometimes, all you need is good exercise to heal those sour muscles after a tough game.

So the next time you have some spare time, give them a try.

FAQs About Best Lacrosse Exercises

How do I strengthen my lacrosse wrist?

You can strengthen your lacrosse wrist either directly or indirectly. This will greatly benefit your cradling skill.

For direct strengthening, you can use tools such as forearm rollers and crush grippers. You can also participate in various tasks such as pinches, turns, etc.

Anything that encourages the repetition of wrist flexion, is helpful.

Indirectly, you can try pull-ups and chin-ups to build your forearm and hands to support strength. Frequent use of dumbbells can also help.

What muscles do you use in lacrosse?

When playing lacrosse you need the collaboration of various body muscles. And they include;

  • Hamstrings
  • Quad
  • Calf muscles
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Core muscles
  • Back, and
  • Neck muscles.

How do I get faster in lacrosse?

You can improve your speed through workouts. And one of the most common and effective exercises to incorporate into your routine is drills.

I have discussed speed drills in this article and hope it helps you out.


If you want to succeed in your lacrosse career, then you should be ready to invest in effective workouts.

The secret is to identify the muscles you use most and try to build them up as often as possible.

From the leg, neck, shoulder, to core muscles, you typically have to work on your entire body.

So whichever exercise you’re indulging in, ensure it counts towards achieving your professional goals.

Some of the most effective exercises include drills, rope jumping, plank, cable chop, etc.

Try them out and remember to share your experience in the comment section.

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