Lacrosse Eye Black Rules & Designs

I always find lacrosse eye black fascinating. When I was playing in college, a lot of my teammates liked to go crazy with the designs and shapes. It’s a great accessory that makes players love the game. Before each game starts, putting on eye black is like a ritual. It gets players psyched and serves as a way to show off their personalities. 

Not only does it reveal personal style, but also provides protection from the sun and reduces glare from lights. So lacrosse players can improve their vision during a game especially when they are facing the sun. Apart from lacrosse, it’s commonly used in football and baseball as well to mitigate the effects of bright light. 

Ever since I was in college, rules regarding eye black have changed quite a bit. Therefore, in this post, you will learn the lacrosse eye black rules & designs and the best eye black products you’d need to do it right.

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Lacrosse Eye Black Rules

Depending on which level you play, eye black rules differ. We will break them down in this section so that you don’t miss them. After all, no one wants to get a penalty for eye black.

Lacrosse Eye Black Rules & Designs

NCAA & Professional:

If you play collegiate or professional lacrosse, there aren’t really any defined rules. At this point, you can experiment with different designs and styles. As long as it doesn’t look too crazy and loud, officials won’t give you a hard time. 

That said, it’s smart to play it safe and choose one of the common designs we will outline below to keep it appropriate.

High School (NFHS):

On the high school level, players don’t have as much room for creativity as collegiate players. According to the rule, “Eye black must be one solid stroke with no logos/numbers/letters and shall not extend further than the width of the eye socket or below the cheekbone.” In other words, high school players can only put solid strokes of black. 

In reality, the rule is loosely enforced to an extent. In many high school tournaments, players can get away with using different designs. As long as they keep the styles low profile and appropriate officials won’t call on you.

Women’s Lacrosse:

Women’s eye black rules are very similar to the men’s. NCAA and above don’t place any defined rules for women’s players to showcase their flair. In contrast, high school games only allow standard solid strokes but you can get away with some small variations. The best way to make sure you don’t get a penalty is to check in with your coach before a game.

Bottom Line:

The rules above only cover major lacrosse games and leagues. Lacrosse eye black rules vary from one area to another. If you play at a local tournament, be sure to double check the specific rules regarding eye black. 

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Lacrosse Eye Black Designs

Lacrosse Eye Black Rules & Designs

Now we understand the rules. It’s time to learn some common and popular lacrosse eye black designs that could best suit you. Each design comes with a different purpose, so by understanding what they each represent you can select the one that matches you the most.

  • Straight Bar Eye Black

This is a very clean and simple straight bar eye black design. Players who apply this style are straightforward but focused. Rather than spending more time putting on a crazy design, these players opt for a clean design to focus more on the game itself. 

If you are defending someone with this eye black design, you want to be extra cautious and closely follow them at all times.

  • Triangle Eye Black

Triangle is another very popular eye black design. It shows that players are enjoying the game. Lacrosse is their passion and they are everything they can to enjoy themselves. This insatiable desire to play makes them full of energy and pumped to play. 

  • Blacked Out Eye Black

Players with blacked out design on their faces are ready to tackle the game and fight for every opportunity until the game ends. Middies usually put blacked out eye black as they are charged up about covering each corner and sprinting through the field

  • Messy Eye Black

If there’s a way for goalies to channel their mental block into outstanding performance on the field, messy eye black is made perfect for this. 

Goalies have the most challenging job both mentally and physically. Putting on a messy eye black allows them to grow their confidence and unleash their internal energy.

  • Interpretive Eye Black

Interpretive eye black is the most creative and untraditional type of design. It matches with this player’s ambition to conquer the game through creativity. They are not necessarily the best players at following the rules and being predictable, but they are great at thinking outside the box and figuring out how to win a game in their own way.

Lacrosse Eye Black Designs

Best Lacrosse Eye Black Products

Lacrosse Eye Black Rules & Designs

There are many great eye black products on the market today. If you are thinking to put on eye black and try out different designs this season, be sure to check out the best products below.

Franklin Sports Eye Black Stick

Franklin Sports Eye Black Stick

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This is a great eye black product as it’s anti-smear and will remain on your face even in hot temperatures and humidity. So even if you sweat a lot, this product makes sure the eye black doesn’t run down your cheeks. 

Very easy to apply and can be removed with wipes or a damp towel. Most importantly, it works very well to reduce glare and bright lights.

Farkas Eye Black

Farkas Eye Black

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Created by Yale doctors, this eye black comes with a silver tin. The formula is non-toxic and very high quality and can be easily applied to your face. The paints stay on your face without melting even when you are sweating. 

One of the original brands started making eye black. Farkas Eye Black is personally my favorite product.

Art of Sport Eye Black

Art of Sport Eye Black

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This is one of the most durable and popular eye black products on the market. It stays on your face through sweating and rain. It’s anti-glare and comes in a small tube that you can fit in your lacrosse bag easily for travel. 

Made with mineral oil, this eye black stick is non-toxic and is a great option for players who have sensitive skin.

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Lacrosse Eye Black Designs

In addition to using cool-looking equipment, eye black is the best way to show your individuality and creativity in a lacrosse game. If you were on a fence before reading this post, I hope it helps you to decide whether eye black is something you want to use and what eye black product to buy.  

If there’s anything you find unclear, feel free to ask any questions. See you in the next post.

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