ECD Lacrosse Equipment

ECD Lacrosse Equipment

As someone who also has an entrepreneurial hunch (why I started this blog!), I immediately fell in love with ECD the first time I learned their story. ECD is probably the youngest major lacrosse brand on the market today. Founded by Greg Kenneally in 2011, ECD started off with a focus on developing better mesh than the current ones on the market. 

Since then, ECD has expanded into different product lines within lacrosse by offering heads, shafts as well as women’s sticks. Notably, the ECD youtube channel is a favorite for many players. Greg regularly reviews lacrosse equipment and shares all types of lacrosse content. He is absolutely one of my closely followed accounts on Youtube. So with all that said, let’s now check out some of the best ECD products you can buy today in 2022.

ECD Lacrosse Heads

If you check out ECD’s website, you would see ECD primarily offers six different heads for both beginners and professional players. Some of these are players’ favorites. One thing to note is ECD has not yet offered any goalie’s heads, so if you are a goalie, you could check out my buying guide on goalie’s heads here.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
ECD Mirage 2.0Best Head Designed For ShootersLink
ECD Rebel OffenseMost Popular Attack Head (Review)Link
ECD DNA DefenseVersatile Defense Head (Review)Link
ECD Rebel DefenseMost Popular Defense Head (Review)Link
ECD Weapon XBest Faceoff Head in 2022Link
ECD Bravo 1Affordable Head For BeginnersLink

ECD Lacrosse Shafts

Unlike other major lacrosse brands, ECD focuses on making carbon shafts. For players in all positions, ECD has a variety of options to choose from. So if you have a preference for carbon shafts or would like to give carbon shafts a try, ECD is a great option.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Carbon 3.0Newest Attack Shaft (Review)Link
Carbon LTXUltra-light Attack Carbon ShaftLink
Carbon MTXBest Durable Attack Carbon ShaftLink
Carbon Pro 2.0 AttackECD’s Popular Attack ShaftLink
Carbon Pro 2.0 DefenseECD’s Popular Defense ShaftLink
Carbon Pro 2.0 GoalieECD’s Popular Goalie Shaft (Review)Link
Bravo 1 ShaftECD’s Beginner Friendly ShaftLink
ECD Lacrosse Equipment

ECD Complete Sticks

As a tradition, complete sticks are reserved for beginners and intermediate players. ECD has done the same for men’s complete sticks. For these options, they come with a play-ready condition out of the box without needing any adjustments.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
ECD Bravo 1A great option for beginner attackers (Review)Link
Rebel Offense CF5Elite Complete Offense StickLink
ECD Bravo 1A great option for beginner defendersLink
Rebel Defense CF5Elite Complete Defense StickLink

ECD Lacrosse Mesh

When talking about ECD products, we obviously have to mention ECD lacrosse mesh. They are by far the best and highest quality lacrosse meshes you can find on the market. After all, ECD was started to disrupt the mesh market back in 2011. Even since then, ECD has been the leader by constantly introducing wax mesh for field players and goalies. You can learn more about lacrosse mesh in this post.

Mesh NameHighlightPurchase Link
Hero 3.0 Semi-HardNewest ECD Hard Mesh LineLink
Hero 3.0 Semi-SoftNewest ECD Soft Mesh LineLink
Hero 2.0 FaceoffBest Faceoff MeshLink
Hero 2.0 Semi-HardPopular ECD Hard Mesh LineLink
Hero 2.0 Semi-SoftPopular ECD Soft Mesh LineLink
Vortex MeshUnique mesh designed to create a sweet spot in your pocketLink
12D HeroMesh GoalieElite Goalie MeshLink
12D East Coast Mesh GoaliePopular Goalie MeshLink

ECD Lacrosse String Kits

Typically you would need to buy a full string kit for your lacrosse head. A full string kit comes with top string, sidewall strings, bottom string, shooters and mesh. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of acquiring them individually, string kits are the most ideal.

Mesh NamePurchase Link
Hero 3.0 Semi-HardLink
Hero 3.0 Semi-SoftLink
Hero 2.0 Semi-HardLink
Hero 2.0 Semi-SoftLink
12D East Coast Mesh GoalieLink
ECD Lacrosse Equipment

ECD Complete Sticks (Women’s)

Recently ECD has also dabbled into the women’s side of the market by making high quality heads and shafts. In particular, ECD has created a premium women’s line, infinity.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Infinity Elite Stick – Venmo RunnerDesigned with a mesh-hybrid pocket (Review)Link
Infinity Elite Stick – Full MeshDesigned with a full mesh pocketLink
Infinity Pro HeadPopular Women’s Head (Review)Link
Infinity Pro ShaftPopular Women’s Shaft (Review)Link

As a fairly young company, ECD hasn’t made its way into other parts of lacrosse equipment. Rather ECD wants to focus on making great lacrosse sticks, which is why they have quickly become many players’ favorites. Most people first started using ECD products with their mesh, so definitely give it a try. It will not disappoint!

To check out other specific brands, head to this page here.

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