Maverik Lacrosse Equipment

Maverik Lacrosse Equipment

So far I have written about STX and Warrior. In this post, let’s take a look at Maverik, another very popular and well-respected lacrosse brand. Maverik is based in New York City. Founded by two professional lacrosse players John Gagliardi and Jay Jalbert in 2005. Due to its top-of-the-line quality, Maverick has become the official provider for US Lacrosse National Team and partnered with the University of Maryland, men’s lacrosse team. 

Thus, in this post, you will learn about the best products of Maverik ranging from lacrosse heads to shoulder pads. If you happen to be a Maverik fan and try to test out their products, this post will be a great place to get started.

Maverik Lacrosse Heads

Favored by many college players, Maverik lacrosse heads bring consistency, quality and durability elite players look for. At the same time, Maverick also makes heads that are beginner-friendly. When it comes to lacrosse heads, there’s a perfect Maverik option for everyone. 

I have also listed a couple of great women’s options. It goes to show Maverik has great popularity and reputation among both men’s and women’s players.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Maverik Optik 3.0Best Attack Head (Review)Link
Maverik Tactik 2.0Best Middie HeadLink
Maverik Tank 2.0Best Defense Head (Review)Link
Maverik HavokBest LSMs Head (Review)Link
Maverik LockBest Faceoff Head (Review)Link
Maverik Ascent+ (Women’s)Best Women’s Head (Review)Link
Maverik Axiom Vertex (Women’s)Best Versatile Women’s HeadLink
Maverik Erupt (Women’s)Best Intermediate Women’s HeadLink

Maverik Lacrosse Shafts

When I was doing shafts review, it was a real struggle to not put every Maverik shaft on the list. They are all so well-made and well-designed. I am a big fan of Maverik shafts, and I am very satisfied with their products for years. So if you want to make a no-brainer purchase, it will have to be Maverik’s shaft. 

In addition, I have also included two great lacrosse shafts for women’s players.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Maverik CaliberStrongest Attack Shaft (Review)Link
Maverik HyperliteBest Carbon Attack Shaft (Review)Link
Maverik ApolloLightest Attack Shaft (Review)Link
Maverik Caliber DefenseBest Defense Shaft (Review)Link
Maverik Mission Blank DefenseBest Simplistic Shaft (Review)Link
Maverik A1 GoalieBest Goalie Shaft (Review)Link
Maverik Ascent+ ShaftBest Women’s Shaft (Review)Link
Maverik AxiomBest Carbon Women’s ShaftLink
Maverik Lacrosse Equipment

Maverik Complete Sticks

For beginners, complete sticks are always better options. They are play-ready out of the box without any adjustments. As a brand manufacturing for both beginners and elite players, Maverik makes some good complete sticks as well.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Tactik CarbonPopular Carbon Complete StickLink
Maverik ChargerPopular Youth Complete StickLink
Maverik Charger DefensePopular Youth Defense StickLink
Maverik Ascent+ Women’s StickBest Women’s Stick (Review)Link

Maverik Lacrosse Gloves

Just like lacrosse shafts, Maverik has also been consistently making great lacrosse gloves. They have a variety of lacrosse gloves for all levels of players. In particular, Maverik’s newest M5 and Rome are the most popular options by far.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Maverik Rome GlovesVery Popular Lax Gloves (Review)Link
Maverik M5 GlovesNewest Update Gloves (Review)Link
Maverik M4 GlovesVery Popular Lax GlovesLink
Maverik MX Lacrosse GlovesEntry-Level Lax GlovesLink
Maverik Max Goalie GlovesMaximum Goalie Gloves (Review)Link
Maverik M5 Goalie GlovesNewest Goalie Gloves (Review)Link
Maverik Lacrosse Equipment

Maverik Arm Pads

In men’s lacrosse, arm pads are mandatory protective gear. Depending on your position, Maverik has all the options you need from arm guards, arm pads, to elbow pads.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Maverik M5 Arm PadsBest Middie Arm Pads (Review)Currently out of stock
Maverik Max Arm PadsNewest Arm PadsLink
Maverik Max Arm Guards2022 Arm GuardsCurrently out of stock
Maverik Max Elbow Pads2022 Elbow PadsLink
Maverik Rome Arm PadsPopular Middie Option (Review)Link
Maverik Rome Arm GuardsElite Arm GuardsLink
Maverik Rome Elbow PadsElbow Pads for Elite DefensemanCurrently out of stock

Maverik Shoulder Pads

In order to be compliant with the new NOCSAE standards, Maverik has updated its shoulder pads to provide more safety and protection in case of any hazards. So if you need to upgrade your shoulder pads for the 2022 season, make sure to grab one from these options. 

Similar to arm pads, you can choose between shoulder pads and liners. Both M5 and Max lines offer both versions. Lastly, I also included chest protectors for goalies.

Model NameHighlightPurchase Link
Maverik M5 EKGBest Shoulder Pads (Review)Link (Shoulder Pads), Link (Liners)
Maverik Max EKG Most Popular Option (Review)Link (Shoulder Pads)
Maverik MX EKGBest Youth Option (Review)Link
Maverik EKG Max Chest PadBest Goalie Chest Pad (Review)Link
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