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STX is one of the most well-known lacrosse manufacturers headquartered in Maryland, United States. Founded in 1970, STX focuses on producing men’s and women’s lacrosse sticks and all sorts of protective gear. In many ways, STX is the trailblazer that paved the foundation for modern lacrosse. Most famously, STX was the first company to make a synthetic lacrosse head that is patented in the US. 

In this post, let’s pick out some of the best STX products ranging from their best lacrosse heads to their best lacrosse shoulder pads. If you are a big fan of STX, this post gives you a complete list of all the best products you can buy from STX today.

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STX Lacrosse

STX Lacrosse Heads (Men’s)

Here is a list of some of the best lacrosse heads from STX. Quite frankly, STX is the strongest brand in this arena that continuously creates higher-quality heads for elite players. If you have been playing lacrosse for quite some time, I recommend you check out STX as it is incredibly durable and consistent.

Model NameReview LinkPurchase Link
STX Surgeon 900LinkAmazon
STX Stallion Omega LinkAmazon
STX Hyper PowerLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX X20LinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Hammer OmegaLinkSTX
STX Eclipse 2LinkAmazon
STX Duel 3LinkLacrosse Monkey

STX Lacrosse Heads (Women’s)

Similar to men’s, STX has been making the best lacrosse heads for women laxers as well. Check out the best women’s heads below.

Model NameReview LinkPurchase Link
STX Crux Pro HeadLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Exult Pro HeadLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Fortress 700LinkLacrosse Monkey

STX Lacrosse Shafts (Men’s)

From carbon fiber to metal, STX has them all. STX’s shafts are known for their durability and stiffness. Many shafts are widely popular among collegiate and professional players.

Model NameReview LinkPurchase Link
STX Sc-TiLinkAmazon
Fiber X  LinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Hammer 7000LinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Sc-TiLinkUniversal Lacrosse
STX OutletLinkLacrosse Monkey

STX Lacrosse Shafts (Women’s)

On the women’s side, STX has also been making consistently high-quality shafts for elite women laxers. If you are looking for a new lacrosse shaft, STX won’t disappoint.

Model NamePositionReview LinkPurchase Link
STX Crux
STX Comp 10All PositionsLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Fortress 700DefenseLinkLacrosse Monkey

STX Complete Sticks (Men’s)

Complete sticks are great options for beginners who are still learning the ropes. They come with a strung head attached to a stick. So the stick is in game-ready condition out of the box.

Model NameReview LinkPurchase Link
Stallion 550 JrLinkAmazon
STX Stallion 50LinkAmazon
STX Stallion 200LinkAmazon
STX Eclipse 2LinkAmazon

STX Complete Sticks (Women’s)

Unlike men’s complete sticks, women’s complete sticks are great for both beginners and elite players. And STX is a well-respected brand that has been making the best women’s complete sticks in the game.

Model NameReview LinkPurchase Link
STX Crux Pro EliteLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Crux 600LinkAmazon
STX Crux 400LinkAmazon
STX Exult ProLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Exult 600LinkAmazon
STX Fortress 300LinkAmazon
STX Lacrosse

STX Lacrosse Gloves

A great stick needs to pair with a great pair of gloves in order to deliver the best result. Luckily, STX has some long-running gloves lines that are popular among beginners and elite players alike.

Model NameReview LinkPurchase Link
STX Lacrosse Surgeon 700LinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Surgeon RZRLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Strike GlovesLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Stallion 75LinkAmazon

STX Lacrosse Arm Pads

In men’s lacrosse, arm pads are required equipment. From arm guards to elbow pads, STX offers different options for all field players.

Model NameReview LinkPurchase Link
STX Cell 4 Arm GuardsLinkAmazon
STX Stallion 500 Arm GuardsLinkAmazon
STX Stallion 500 Arm PadsLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Cell 4 Elbow PadsLinkAmazon
STX Cell 4 Elbow PadsLinkAmazon

STX Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

There are two types of chest protection players can wear, shoulder pads and liners. Depending on your position and preference, STX offers you the freedom to choose the option with the best protection.

Model NameReview LinkPurchase Link
STX Cell 5 Shoulder PadsLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Stallion 75 Shoulder PadsLinkAmazon

STX Lacrosse Women’s Goggles

In women’s lacrosse, the only type of protective gear you would need to wear is a pair of goggles. And if you watch NCAA women’s lacrosse, you would know that STX dominates the scene where almost all players wear STX goggles as they are the best brand in the game.

Model NameReview LinkPurchase Link
STX Focus-S TiLinkAmazon
STX 4Sight +SLinkAmazon
STX Focus-SLinkAmazon
STX Focus XV-SLinkLacrosse Monkey
STX Lacrosse
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